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Sweet Blue Belle is lucky to be alive.  So many times, we thought she was not going to make it.   The ICU Team has worked tirelessly to keep her comfortable and stable.    The biggest problem was keeping her NG Tube in.   Most dogs hate anything in their nose, but this special girl went to the extremes getting hers out.  Sadly, each time it came out, it had to be put back in, which added to her anxiety level.


The good news is her body finally began to adapt to the surgical procedure, and the fluid that was building up in her stomach began to drain.  The next hurdle was getting her colon to function normally and let food pass through the large and small intestine.   By the fifth day, Blue Belle was beginning to have bowel movements.  Her body is now functioning well enough that the NG tube was removed. It has been three days, and her body is doing well without the tube.


Bowel Obstructions cause a lot of damage that causes the body to become Septic.  Blue Belle was already showing signs of being Septic, which is why she was put on antibiotics to kill any bacteria that had leaked into her abdominal cavity. Her bloodwork is not normal but has improved since the foreign body and necrotic section was removed.   It is going to take several weeks before we see normal values.


Sweet Blue Belle felt terrible for the first five days.  She did not want to do anything but sleep.   As the drugs wore off, her fabulous personality has started to come out.  She loves everyone she meets and freely gives big kisses.  She also appears to enjoy all the dogs she has met in the hospital without any signs of aggression.  


Blue Belle is a tiny Pocket Pitty that has stubby legs that makes her look like a Blue Pot-Bellied Pig.  She is all pitty in the most endearing ways.  Everyone loves this special girl.  If you think she would be right for your Family, please fill out our Adoption Application to be considered.


The ICU and Surgical Bills for Blue Belle are much higher than we anticipated because of complications with her obstruction.  Please, Donate whatever you can so we can get Blue Belle all the medical care she will need to get through this horrible nightmare.   Thanks for caring about her and all the abused dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue.

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