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BOSLEY (Terrier Mix)

Latest Updates

Adorable Bosley has had us on our toes 24 / 7.   We became so worried about him because we could not control his seizures; we decided he was best in ICU at CVRC in Charleston.  His Neurologist and Criticalist agreed there were too many unknowns that did not make sense with his medical conditions, and it was best to have him get 24-hour care in a controlled environment.    


Every day we had Bosley he had a seizure.   We added the new meds, and he still had seizure type episodes.  He was also very bloated, which was more than an over-weight dog should be.  Every time he started shaking and got disoriented, we knew he was going to have a seizure.   The problem is, they do not know the reason for the seizure activity.   The other issues that are proving to be more troublesome are his liver values have gone through the roof.   They go up and down for no known reason.


Yesterday, it was determined we needed to broaden our scope of tests and do an ultrasound to have a reference point for his liver and gallbladder.  Bosley has a large liver, and his gallbladder is inflamed.  The specialists believe the gallbladder has caused his liver values to go up and down.  He is on a battery of antibiotics to rid his body of the infections he has had.   He has been neutered, and his prostate issues are slowly resolving.


This poor pup has had the worst care, which is why he has been so sick.  The person that abandoned him had no regard for his weight or what he was eating, which we believe has caused the bulk of his problems in addition to not having him neutered.   His prostate was so inflamed and infected that alone could have killed him.  I don't believe I have ever had a dog with so many medical issues in one small bundle of pure Joy.


Bosley is sweet as can be and wags his tail before his seizure and wags his tail the minute he has regained his faculties after a seizure.   His round belly makes it hard for him to walk, but he does and has the sweetest tail wag as he moves slowly across the room.   We are each so in love with this pup that every time he has an episode or feels rotten, we completely fall apart.   We are more determined than ever to get him well.  The costs to get him well are over the top because he has so many complicated illnesses.  What he came in with was just the beginning of a long list of problems.


Bosley has his Team of Specialists looking after his care.   He has not had a seizure for several days.  His Neurologist will be changing his seizure meds to an extended release formula, so he has better coverage when he comes back to us.   Bosley is what we call a cheap Date in regards to he cannot do a lot of meds because they knock him out too much.  We are still in the trial and error stage with the meds to get him balanced.  I know we are going to get there; it is just a matter of determination and not giving up.


With the heat over 100 degrees every day this week, we have been taking extra precaution with all of our pups.  There has been no time to do updates or post because of all the extra work we have had to do.   We have several new dogs that are in ICU that we will post for as soon as we get two seconds we can call our own.  Right now, all the time we have is spent saving these beautiful pups and giving them all the unconditional love and care they so desperately need.  


None of this would be possible without your generosity. Please, Donate toward Bosley so we can give him the Life he always deserved.  Please, take care in this heat and DO NOT leave your dog in the car even with the A/C running.  Cars are over-heating, shutting off, and animals are dying.   Keep your beloved Family Members at home inside where they are relaxed and comfortable.

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