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CHANCE (Locked Jaw)

Latest Updates

Oh My, is that a tongue that I see hanging out of Chance's Mouth?  Why yes it is.   Our sweet boy can open his mouth a little over an inch and a half comfortably.  He is still adapting to a bit of discomfort in the jaw area but is doing great.  He can eat soft food without any issues and is playing with kibble at this point.


The only issues we are having is he was diagnosed with Demodex. When we got him, the spots on his body looked a lot like Ringworm which sent Red Flags up for everyone.  We had a skin scrape done and showed he has Demodex which put a smile on our faces since we had loved all over this boy.


The other issue we had is his Tracheotomy incision came open which looks a lot worse than it is.  The Surgeons did not want it closed and said to keep it clean and allow it to granulate in.   They believe the area should close on its own in the next week which is why we have a harness on him.


Sweet does not begin to describe this fantastic dog. Chance is gentle and kind to every animal and person he meets.  All he wants to do is give kisses which is something he was not able to do before.   He can also cool himself by panting which was a significant problem he was having before the surgery.  Dogs pant to cool their core body temperature. Your body will over-heat without this ability during hot summer months.  Chance was found as a stray during the hottest days of summer.


It is a Miracle he was able to survive with all the complications that relate to not being able to open your mouth.  Chance is a survivor in a million different ways. We are the lucky ones that are the recipients of his unconditional LOVE.  He is one happy boy that is loving Life because of your generosity. Thanks for caring and making his Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.

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