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STATESVILLE, NC......Adorable Clara Belle is a three-year-old Dachshund Mix that was hit by a car.  The Owners turned her into Iredale County Animal Services when they could not afford to get her Medical Care.  The little pup they were calling Cry Baby was in unbelievable pain.  She had to either be helped or euthanized.  We immediately said we would take her and changed her name to Clara Belle.   To name a little dog Cry Baby knowing how hurt she was breaks my heart.  


Our little Angels hip and rear leg were giving her lots of problems.  We weren't sure if she had a torn ACL, luxated hip or what.  All we knew what that she needed to get Emergency Care Help as soon as possible to get her pain under control.   We had her taken to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthew, NC where she spent the weekend getting stabilized.   This poor pup was in the worst kind of pain that had gotten completely out of control.   She would not use the bathroom to urinate or defecate and was like this for days before we were able to get our hands on her.   


The ER Team finally got her comfortable and put a catheter in so she could remain quiet and comfortable before the Surgical Team came in to see her.   It had taken almost a week before Dr. Nanfelt felt comfortable doing  Clara Belle's Surgery.   Clara Belle had surgery for a right FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) for her recent lameness of the right rear limb likely secondary to an exacerbation of her hip dysplasia.    Our sweet pup did well during the procedure but developed a fever and became very lethargic and overall did not fell well for several days.    She has slowly improved but is still not wanting to use the leg.  Clara Belle is going to require extensive Rehabilitation to get her back to using the rear leg.


Though this horrible ordeal, this little Angel has been nothing but sweet.  With all the pain she has endured, she has not tried to bite anyone taking care of her.    She is an adorable little pup that loves everyone and gets along great with all of the critters she has come in contact with.   Clara Belle will make a wonderful Companion for any Family.   Special does not even begin to describe how great this little pup is.


It is unfortunate her Owners could not get her the care she needed, but they did at least take her to a place where she could be humanely euthanized if a Rescue was not found.   Please, DONATE, whatever you can so we can help more unfortunate pups like Clara Belle get the necessary Life-Saving Surgery.

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