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It has been almost a month since adorable Clara Belle had her surgery.   We have worked tirelessly to get her to use her rear leg.   We have finally decided that she needed to go back into the hospital for further evaluation to determine if there is something else that is going on.   Clara Belle has improved but is nowhere near where she should be given the procedure she had.


The main issue we are having is that she has suddenly started to cup under her rear foot which is something she never did before.   Cupping under or dragging is usually a neurological issue which is why we have her in the hospital being evaluated further.  A lot of times with the abuse cases we take in, the animal has lots of things going on.  


Clara Belle appeared to be one of the less is more pups.  She had lots of issues after her surgery and was in ICU for almost a week recovering.  She ran a high fever which had everyone alarmed.   Every test imaginable was run to rule out infection, kidney issues, etc.  In the end, the Specialists determined she had been in pain for so long that she was over compensating in a lot of areas.


Her fever finally normalized and has not come back since which enabled us to get her out of the hospital.   Clara Belle is also a very shy pup and the hospital environment, no matter how special all of the staff was, had her more terrified than anything.   Being out of the hospital in our Rehab Facility she has blossomed.  She loves being outside and will curl up in your lap all day if you let her.   She has gotten comfortable with us doing Rehab on her leg, but she should be further along in her Recovery.   Her lack of significant improvement is why we have her being seen by an Orthopedic Specialist that also specializes in Rehabilitation.


Clara Belle will be in the hospital for the next four days unless the Specialists find something of concern that would prevent her from leaving.   When we posted for Clara Belle originally, so few donations came in that I actually thought the e-mail did not go out.   The sad fact is that it did, but very few people thought she was worthy of donating toward.   This little pup has endured pain and suffering just like any other dog.  An animal in need of Medical Care that is in danger of being PTS is nothing to take lightly.  It is now or never for them.   She is alive today because we thought she mattered and deserved the best chance possible.  We need for you to feel the same way so we can get her surgical bills paid and go forward with the new bills she is incurring.


This is an adorably sweet little dog that wants nothing more than to please.   She does everything we ask of her and never complains.  She has never once tried to bite us, and we have to do a lot to get her to extend her leg or go into the Treadmill.  Please, Donate whatever you can so we can get to the bottom of her discomfort and figure out if she has underlying issues that are preventing her from using her leg.   Thanks for caring and making her Journey to heal and find Love, possible. 



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