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COOPER (Hound Mix)

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BEAUFORT, SC.....Cooper is a beautiful Fox Hound Mix that was seen hobbling down the road with his Owners after apparently being hit by a car.  Animal Control pulled up beside them to see what the problem was and what they were going to do about it.  It was very apparent Cooper had a badly broken leg as witnessed by the angle of the leg.  When asked what they were going to do they said THEY were going to go back to their house and CUT the leg off.  They were informed that was animal cruelty and she would take the dog and get an estimate to get the leg fixed.  Once they got the estimate, they agreed to sign the dog over since they were not about to pay that kind of money to fix their dog's leg.


Beaufort County found a Vet that was willing to do what he could to surgically get the leg back together.  Unfortunately, the break required an Orthopedic Surgeon and the procedure he used did not work.  We were contacted before they amputated the leg and I agreed to give this sweet pup the best chance possible.  His leg may still have to be amputated, but I was going to see if his leg could be plated properly by our Orthopedic Surgeon.


We had sweet Cooper taken to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC for his procedure.  Dr. Nanfelt took one look at the apparatus that had been attempted and knew it was going to be a long shot but was one worth taking.  Cooper acts like nothing is wrong with him.  He does not complain even under the worst circumstances.  If you look at his x-rays, you will see that his leg is broken completely in two.


Cooper's leg had a raging infection that was also adding to the instability.  We cleared the infection before Dr. Nanfelt took on the task of putting this sweet pups leg back together.   The surgery went well, but he will have to be on strict cage rest, and short leash walks before we can say the surgery was a success.  The bone will have to calcify and remodel before he is free to run around.  He will be restricted for the next six weeks.   New x-rays will be done at that time.  If we see the bones have calcified and his leg is stable, he will be free to run and play for the rest of his Life.


Cooper looks a lot like a Fox Hound Mix.  He is gorgeous and has the best personality.  Nothing bothers this sweet pup.  We believe he is around three years old.  He loves everyone he meets and has the typical Hound personality.  


We have our hands full with the Parvo pups, but there are still a lot of animals that have been abused or neglected that need our help.   Please, Donate whatever you can so we can help more dogs like Cooper get the proper Surgical / Medical Care they need to have the best quality of Life.  Thanks for caring.


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