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COOPER (Hound Mix)

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We do everything possible to save a dog's leg, and sometimes that is not possible.  Sweet Cooper is one of those cases.  Cooper has had three surgeries.  The last surgery was done by our Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Michelle Nanfelt.  The area was cleaned of the infection that had developed, and a plate was put in to stabilize the leg.   The original break he had destroyed too much of the bone and the bone never became strong enough to hold his leg even with the plate.   Cooper had been through Hell and back with this leg, and has been on restricted exercise ever since this Journey began.  


On Wednesday, we noticed his leg that had once been straight after his last procedure now was developing an angle to it.  Over the next couple of days, the angle became more severe.  He did not want to put his leg down and had completely stopped using it.  I decided to get him to CVRC in Charleston to let the Specialists and Surgeons look at the leg and come up with a plan for doing more surgery or removing the leg.   After doing tests and observing him for almost a week, everyone came to the same conclusion.  The best outcome for Cooper was to remove his leg and allow him to go back to being a playful dog that loved to run.


Late Monday, we removed his leg, and by Tuesday, Cooper was up walking around as if nothing had ever happened to him.   His leg had developed another infection around the screws, and there was no way it was ever going to heal.  Some animals respond well to plates and screws.  Others develop reactions to the foreign body or get an infection, and it erodes the area where the screws are.  That is basically what happened to Cooper.  His leg was too damaged in the beginning, and the tissue and bone were never going to heal properly.


Our sweet boy is now free to run and play to his heart's content.   It will take him a couple of weeks to build up the strength in his other rear leg, but he is already doing wonderfully.     It is much easier for an animal to lose a rear leg than it is to lose a front leg.  The rear leg is pulled by the strength of their upper body instead of pushing a leg from the rear which is what happens when a front leg is removed.


Cooper loves everyone and has never met a dog he does not like.  He is a typical, fun-loving hound that wants nothing more than to sniff and play.  Cooper loves curling up in your lap for hugs and would stay there all day if you let him.   He will make an incredible Family pet for some lucky person with kids or grand-kids because he gets along so well with everyone.  Please, fill out our Adoption Application if you think he would be perfect for your Family.


We hadn't even finished paying off Coopers last Surgical Bills when he had to go back into the Hospital for more Surgery. We have received very little in Donations to help dear Cooper.  Please, Donate whatever you can so dogs like Cooper get the best chance possible at Living a Life free of pain and suffering, surrounded by people that Love and Adore them.

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