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EFFINGHAM COUNTY,  GA......Sweet, sweet, sweet 2 year old Pitbull was SHOT at close range.  The Police Dept. was contacted concerning a Pitbull that was hurt and bleeding.  Once Daisy Mae was picked up, it was discovered she had several gun shot wounds in her face and chest.  She was so incredibly sweet and loving that instead of putting her down, the Police Officer took her to the vet to see if she could be saved.  We were later contacted when it was determined her condition was CRITICAL.   We had her picked up and taken to a Critical Care ER facility last night where she was evaluated and immediately given a transfusion to get her stable.  She will undergo extensive cat scans and x-rays today and more bloodwork to determine exactly what kind of damage was done from the bullets.   She had extensive surgery on her wounds last night and will have more today.  It appears she was shot at close range with a pistol based on the clean hole that is in her face.  A rifle would have done more damage.   We are not sure if it was two bullets or one.  It could be one bullet that went into her face, traveled out the bottom jaw and then entered into her chest if her head was down.  The bullet destroyed part of her tongue and destroyed a major part of her jaw when it exited.  We have so many critical medical problems going on with her body right now that we are working on the most Life-Threatening first and moving on to the next once she is stable.  The blood-transfusion made a big difference and has her stable enough to where we feel like she can handle more surgery today.  The biggest problem today is that she is bleeding internally.  Our main concern is to get her bleeding to stop and figure out what is causing it. She also has a feeding tube to facilitate eating.  Daisy Mae is all kisses and hugs.  Even when she is weak and in terrible pain she wants to be all over you with her mangled tongue giving you smooches.  How anyone could injure a dog that is clearly a lover and not a fighter is beyond comprehension.   We have had far too many gun shot victims lately.  People need to learn how to take out their anger and frustration without harming anyone in the process.  This adorable girl that we are doing everything we can to save is not the problem.  We don't know why or how she got shot but we do know she is loving and sweet and does not have an aggressive bone in her body.  

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