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FRANKLIN, GA.......DIESEL is a wonderful brindle PITBULL that was picked up as a stray and brought to Heard County Animal Control in Franklin, GA in this horrible condition.  We think he is approximately 3 years old.  Based on the condition of his back, it appears sweet DIESEL had some form of flammable liquid poured on him and then caught on fire.  He obviously trusted the person that did this, to allow them to get close enough to pour the liquid on him instead of throwing it on him.  We think the person then caught him on fire with either a cigarette or a match.  This is an incredibly sweet dog.  He weighs 55 lbs and is a big goofy guy that loves other dogs and people.  When we got him, we were shocked at the level of burns he had and more shocked by how happy he was acting.  We knew he had to be in terrible pain but he still gave everyone lots of kisses and wanted to play.  He was immediately taken to our vets in Columbia, SC where they proceeded to get him on pain meds and antibiotics.  He was then sedated to remove the charred tissue and fur.  We originally thought he had a small area that was burned on his back and soon realized the burn went all along the top of his body.  As you can see from the two pictures, he was a lot worse than we realized.    DIESEL is being treated for all of his burns and for parasites that he was loaded with.  We feel like he had to have once belonged to someone that took care of him because he is not thin or emaciated.   Diesel will make a wonderful member of the family for some lucky person.  He will be with us for quite a while once he is released from the hospital.  He will remain at the hospital for several weeks recovering.


DIESEL is doing incredible.  His wounds are healing beautifully.



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