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Peek-a-boo, I see you!! 


Dashing DIESEL is still looking for his forever home.


Spending time with Diesel you quickly learn he needs a home with space to run. He would make a great fishing buddy, a great hiking dog in the mountains or a beach buddy by taking long walks. He's definitely man's best friend, showcasing all the traditional traits of being a loyal and loving dog. He’s outgoing, even-tempered, gentle, agile, kind and intelligent. Then there’s the other side of him…a cuddly, lazy lap dog.


DIESEL needs a home to feel safe and loved where he can establish a routine and build trust with his person. He’s a great boy who deserves an amazing forever home.


DIESEL is a big goofy guy that loves other larger dogs, people and children. He's curious with smaller dogs and cats and with time, patience and training he could overcome any obstacles. The children should be older and he is a little more cautious of men than of women. Overall he is a big playful lap dog and would make a great addition to any family.


Believe in DIESEL, he's a very special boy. 

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