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DIXIE (Hound Mix)

Latest Updates

Sweet Dixie is slowing improving.  The old wounds are healing nicely, but the newer ones have not declared themselves.  In one week, if the new injuries are still not granulating in where we feel the chance of infection has passed, we will surgically close the large areas.


Dixie's bloodwork is not great but has improved to the point where she will hopefully not need another transfusion.    She is borderline right now.  Her blood values are slowly improving, but not to the point where we are not still worried about her.   We believe the parasite burden she had was the leading cause of her anemia.  With the parasites gone, that should improve without further intervention.


As if Dixie could not get any smaller, ridding her body of all the parasites has reduced her size even more.  Her weight should significantly increase over the next week if it does not, then we will have to supplement and do more tests.   Her chances of getting Refeeding Syndrome are still very high, so she can only have tiny meals throughout the day until that passes.


As loving and sweet as Dixie is, she is still a little shy and scared.  We will never know what exactly happened to this tiny abused puppy.  The main thing that we do know based on her wounds is this did not happen all at once.   The level of degree of healing is about a week apart.   If Dixie had been caught in a fire by accident, the injuries would be all over, and she would have smoke inhalation.   If she had been run over and dragged, the wounds would be in a central location, not all over.


There is no scenario we can come up with that would have caused this type of injury over some time other than someone doing this to her.  No one likes to think the worst when it comes to puppies and innocent creatures.  The other issue is, Dixie was starved.   Not only was she burned, but she was also starved almost to death.   Dixie's wounds are so deep that some will never heal completely.  The areas that have the most profound burns will probably not get fur back on them.   Those areas will strictly be cosmetic and will never take away from this adorable pups Beauty.  I am a firm believer that time heals all wounds mentally and physically if the animal is nurtured with unconditional Love and Care.  Dixie will Heal from her abuse, and only her body will be a reminder of the horrors she endured.


We do know the authorities are doing their best to find the people that did this to her.  If we find out any new information, we will let everyone know.  We have not heard of any suspects.

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