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DIXIE (Hound Mix)

Latest Updates

Dixie has to be one of the sweetest pups you could ever imagine. She loves unconditionally without a thought for the burns she has all over her body.  I would be wary of anyone that came near me if that had been me, but she is not afraid of anyone or any other animal.


Her wounds are still very raw but healing beautifully.  She has wound care several times a day, which she has come to love.  It means she gets even more TLC than she already gets, which is a lot.  Dixie is a small pup that is all legs, but her pictures portray her as being much more significant than she is.  I don't believe Dixie is ever going to be a big dog.  She has to have a small terrier mixed into her mix.  Whatever she is, makes her that much more special.


We have sent all of the medical files to the authorities so they can pursue leads they have received for the person that abused this precious Angel.   Our hope is they find the person responsible and convict them for Animal Cruelty.  There is no punishment, short of burning someone that would merit the kind of neglect that was inflicted on an innocent puppy.


We have received lots of great applications for families wanting to adopt sweet Dixie.  Our Staff is in the process of sorting through all of the applications.  Please, bear in mind that we only have one Dixie, but we have a lot of other amazing dogs that are also needing a special home.  If you are not chosen, please consider one of the other ones that we have.  Holidays are coming, and every one of our dogs deserves to be home for the Holidays.


Dixie has about four more weeks of Medical Care before she can go to her new home.  The best news for us is we get to love on this special Angel four more weeks while she heals.   Wound Care is special when we get lots and lots of kisses from a little dog that still has puppy breath.  


Thanks for helping us with sweet Dixie.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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