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I am very happy to report that sweet Duke, our Anal Tumor pup is doing wonderful and is with his Family in Arkansas.   He is on lots of meds to control his bowels at this time, but so far he is doing miraculous given all that he has been through.   Once his biopsy comes back, we will then be able to determine the best course of action for him.  In a perfect World, we would get clean margins, and there would be no cancer cells left behind.  Unfortunately, that was impossible to do given where the tumor was.   I am hoping we still have good margins.  We will probably have to do chemo and radiation based on what comes back.  We can thank our wonderful Surgeon, Dr. Michelle Nanfelt for her amazing surgical skills in getting this horrible tumor out and also saving a lot of the nerves on the opposite anal sac.  Those nerve endings are the reason he can use the bathroom without any issues from the procedure.   Fingers crossed and lots of prayers he continues to improve and does not have any setbacks.


Once Duke heals completely, we will then come up with a plan on what his next step will be.  He is not used to being away from his Family so he is probably not a candidate for Radiation but should be for chemotherapy.  We will post his biopsy report as soon as we get it.  The weather this past week has put everything off by a week so hang in there with us.   We are still taking donations to pay off sweet Duke's medical bills.  Thanks for caring.

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