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ELI (Lab Mix)

Latest Updates

Life is about forgiveness and moving forward.  Eli is a perfect example of this.  He could care less about the tragedy that happened to him and his companion.  I am sure he is missing his buddy, but that longing has been replaced with dogs just like him.  Eli is too fragile to interact and play but can sniff and smell the other dogs through their kennel doors.


Life to Good in Eli's World and will get better each day.  He started out needing a sling to walk and now walks without a sling in a very controlled manner not to damage his spine.   It will be months before we are comfortable, allowing him to run around.  We are paranoid about one of his vertebrae fractures moving and paralyzing him.   He is watched like a hawk every step of the way.  


Happiness is written all over his face.  The only time he raises his lip is when one of the high-energy dogs runs up to his kennel.   He doesn't do anything but let the dog know to slow down and move along.  The littles run all over the yard during their playtime and give him pause for a few minutes before he realizes all is okay. He sees lots of dogs with two legs hopping around and tripods.   I think he considers himself lucky to have all of his legs given what he has been through.


We have spoken to the Family that could not avoid hitting the dogs, and they are doing well given all they have endured.   I am glad the impact did not cause them to have a collision that caused harm to them.  There is always a glimmer of hope in hardship if you choose to look for it.   Eli is one example of that glimmer of hope.  


Life of hardship is over for our special boy.  He has a New Beginning filled with unconditional love and care.  Whatever he needs, he will now get.  Dogs want someone to love, a pat on the head, and food.   Eli is getting all of this and a whole lot more.   He is very underweight at 80 lbs and needs to gain at least 20 pounds to fill out.  I am not sure what he is mixed with, but it has to be a massive dog with blue eyes.   He is going to be spectacular once he is fully healed.


We are taking in dogs all the time and are way behind in our posts.  Fetch Mkt. is keeping everyone and our Volunteers busy during the Holiday Season.  People are shocked when they enter our beautiful store and are even more amazed when we tell them, 100% of the profits go toward the abused dogs at Noah's Arks Rescue.   Fetch Mkt. is run by a small crew of dedicated Volunteers and ME.


I wish there were ten of me, but sadly there is only one. Running Noah's Arks Rescue and Fetch Mkt. keeps me busy 24/7.  It seems like the older I get; the more engaged I become in saving abused dogs.  My Life has definitely gone to the dogs and is filled with more love than you could imagine.  Hardship is always replaced with Joy.   Tears are always replaced with Laughter.  Life is about balance and how we perceive what comes our way.


I give thanks every day for my Family at home and my Noah's Arks Rescue Family.   YOU are part of that Family.    We are each blessed because we are in this together.   I want to wish each of you a very blessed Holiday Season filled with much Joy and Laughter.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of your Family and embracing all the wounded animals I bring home.   Warm hugs and much love, always.....Jennifer.


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