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ELSIE (Poodle)

You would never know by looking at Elsie that she was ever anything but a healthy, sweet, adorable pup.  The way she looks now is night and day compared to how she was when she arrived.  If she didn't have such a massive incision on her abdomen, you would think she was much younger and had been living the Good Life.   Elsie is one of the sweetest pups.   She loves everyone she meets, and every dog loves her.


All of Elsie's original tests and biopsies came back that she would probably have a lifelong battle with Gastro issues.  In the hospital she did, but since she has come to us at the Rehab Center, she is thriving.   She is a happy, happy girl that loves her food and has not had one intestinal problem.  I think living on the streets for however long, caused her to eat unsavory things that messed her system up. Whatever caused her to be so sick, has since subsided since her infected mammary masses were removed.


Her Specialists are a lot more clinical than we are and are shocked she is doing so well.   Unconditional Love and Care is not a Miracle Cure, but it sure is a good start on allowing an animal's body to Heal. Elsie is Loving her new Life and doesn't realize this is only the beginning for her.   She will one day have her very own Special Family that will Love her to pieces, as we do.


When Elsie goes for a walk, it is a fast walk, and she means business. In my heart, I feel like she has to be much younger than they say she is.   Mammary masses take a long time to get as big as hers were.  Elsie acts like a mature puppy that wants to run and play all day long.    She has never nipped at us once, and we have certainly given her plenty of reasons with all of the mats we have to remove daily.  Her fur is so beautiful that we do not want to shave her down to get all of the mats off, so we keep working away.  Eventually, they will all be gone.


Elsie has to go back for more tests and biopsies once she has recovered from this first stage.   We will then decided if she needs more surgery. Right now, we are loving having this adorable tiny bundle of Joy in our Lives.  I am grateful every day for each of the animals we have been given the Gift of Saving.  We never know how long they are going to be with us and cherish each Moment like it is their Last.


We are still taking Donations to cover little Elsie's procedures. No amount is too small.  This time of year everyone is strapped. Consider making a Donation as a Gift.  Give the Gift of Life this Holiday Season.  We have E-Cards that can be sent to your Friends and Family. Thanks for caring and making their Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.  We greatly appreciate your Love and Support.  Have a very blessed Holiday Season.

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