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ROCKINGHAM, NC....I am always amazed at the money people are willing to pay for a particular dog, but when it comes to taking care of their basic Medical Care or if an accident happens, they seem to be penniless.  On a lot of these occasions, they drive the pup to the Shelter to be Euthanized in a brand new car or truck.  Every time I hear this scenario, my heart sinks for the animals.   Driving a new car appears to be more important than saving a helpless pup they adopted and agreed to Love Unconditionally.


Adorable Frank is a nine-month-old Pug that was hit by a car and suffered three breaks.   The owner could not afford to take care of him, so she wanted him to be put to sleep.  The Shelter felt terrible for Frank and decided he was better off without the Family. Frank's surgeries were going to be quite extensive which is why they reached out to us for help. We had this adorable little pup taken to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC where he was stabilized and then evaluated.


Everyone has hardships and sometimes the Families are good people that need a hand.  I asked about the Family to determine if this was one of those situations. The minute I heard Frank had not had any vaccinations or Medical Care, that option went out the window quickly.  Frank will not be returned to them.


When Frank arrived at CVS, we knew he had two fractured rear legs. Once Surgery evaluated him, they determined he was also unstable which was very concerning to them.  It was decided that he had to be thoroughly evaluated by the Neurology Team before they could proceed. Dr. Bob Bergman checked Frank out and decided something was not right in his spine. A Cat Scan was done, and Dr. Bergman discovered he has a fracture of the vertebral body.  He feels the spine is stable and will heal on its own.  He gave the surgeon the go-ahead to proceed with fixing the two broken legs.


Dr. Michelle Nanfelt felt Frank needed a little more time to stabilize before she proceeded with his surgeries.  After several days in ICU, Dr. Nanfelt began the process of repairing Franks'broken legs. We had to go through the same surgical process we did with Maybelline.  One leg was surgically repaired, and then we had to wait until Frank recovered from the first surgery before we proceeded with the other leg. Frank did not want to use either leg, so we had to give him one good leg to stand on before we proceeded with the other leg.  


I am happy to report that Frank bounced back from each surgery almost immediately.  This tiny pup does not want to waste any time hanging out in the hospital.  He wants to be FREE and running around. Frank is on restricted exercise for the next month, and then x-rays will be done to make sure his legs are healing properly.


This fabulous little pup has one of the greatest personalities.   He is HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY and wants your attention all the time.  We have had to make sure Frank has a buddy with him at all times to cuddle and gently play with.  His perfect companion has turned out to be One-Eyed Jack that is recovering from spinal surgery. When Frank has fully healed from his surgeries, he is going to run non-stop around the yard.   Frank acts like a typical puppy that wants to run and play with every dog that comes near his kennel.    He loves everyone.


Frank had to have a Cat Scan and two Orthopedic Surgeries to put him back together and give him back his Life.   Please, Donate whatever you can so we can pay off his bills and help more pups like Frank get the care they need to Survive and Thrive.  Dropping an injured pup off to be euthanized is not the answer.  Helping those that cannot speak for themselves is the right thing to do.


Noah's Arks Rescue is 100% Donation based.  Without your generosity, none of the animals we take on could be helped.   Thanks for caring and making their Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.  We greatly appreciate your continued Support.

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