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I figured we all needed some good news today after Conway's passing.   Our little man is the highlight of the morning.  He is done with his restricted exercise and can now run free as a bird from sun-up to sun-down which happens a lot around here.  I don't think I have ever had a dog bounce back from bilateral leg surgery as quickly as this precious little man has.


He indeed is the most amazing little pup.  He loves every dog he meets and wants nothing more than be outside or inside running around playing.  When we reach into his kennel to take him out for the day, he squirms non-stop until you put him down.  The minute his feet hit the ground, he shoots off like a bullet.  I have not been around many pugs, but he appears to be on the petite size.   Don't get me wrong, he seems to be all pug but is one of the smallest ones I have ever seen.


Now that Frank has completely healed we are taking applications for his Adoption.  Please, fill out our Adoption Application if you think this little bundle of joy would work in your household.   Be prepared for a very active ever-ready bunny that has a ton of energy.  The good news is that once he is done playing, he will lay in your lap or his bed and sleep like an Angel. His best friend is One-Eyed Jack that is recovering from spinal surgery.  Frank loves kissing and laying next to him.  When it comes time for a nap, that is where he lays every day.


Thanks for helping us save this beautiful pup that did not have a chance of being saved with all of the injuries he had.

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