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GHOST (Husky Mix)

Latest Updates

Poor GHOST is a mess.  The damage that was done to this poor pup is taking every resource we have to keep going with his Medical Care.  All of the drains he has means he HAS to remain in the hospital in ICU to make sure they are closely monitored.   It would be effortless for Ghost to get aggravated with all of the drains and start pulling them out, which would be a disaster.


Wound Vacuum Equipment works by not having any air leaks around the area draining that has been bandaged with special bandages that have a tube come out.  It works best when you have a perfect seal to suction out the infected fluid. This process enables the tissue to heal in a controlled environment and allows large open wounds to begin the granulation process.  Without this process, the chance of the area healing is not promising, and it puts Ghost in danger of not having the use of his front leg.


We have to do everything possible, no matter the cost, to give this sweet dog the best outcome. Ghost's bills after our hefty discount is already over $11,000. No rescue can take hits like this, and we are still in the beginning stages of healing this beautiful dog.  He has to remain where he is, and we have to stay the course to get him well.  Ghost's hospital costs per day are close to $1500.  We have not even raised enough to cover two of the days in the hospital, and he will be there close to 12 days before his surgery, and wound healing is complete.


Ghost is one dog out of 34 that we have in our care that are each being treated Medically.   We need Donations now, more than ever.  I am begging for everyone to Donate something.  We need you now to keep our doors open so we can continue saving Abused Animals.

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