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Latest Updates

Sweet Harper Lee is going on one year old.   She came in as a broken little puppy that had a severely damaged leg that we tried to repair but were unsuccessful. We eventually had to remove the mangled leg, and she has been an active tripod ever since.


Harper has been living with our Trainer during that time with two other dogs.  She is part of his Training Team that helps us do the introduction with new dogs that come into our facility because of her sweet non-confrontational personality.  It is now time for us to allow this well-trained pup to have her very own home.  It's official; Harper Lee is now up for Adoption and ready to begin the next stage of her Journey.


To say we love this special dog is an understatement.  She is the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars all wrapped into a very small tripod Pitty body.   She loves playing in water and retrieving toys from the bottom of a pail.  Her gentle ways make her perfect to roll around with puppies.  She teaches them manners and does not lose her temper when they get too rough. Will King, our Trainer, has taught Harper a long list of commands but most of all, he has allowed her to enjoy her Life and be a playful puppy that loves everyone she meets.


Harper Lee will make the perfect Family dog for anyone that has kids.   There is not a mean bone in her body. If you think she would be perfect for your Family, please, drop us a note or fill out our Adoption Application.   You will not believe the joy and love she will bring to your home.  

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