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VIDALIA, GA.....We were contacted about helping an adorable 12-week old puppy named Hazel that had been surrendered to a Rescue Group in Vidalia, GA along with her Siblings.  When they went to pick up the puppies, they discovered one of them was very tiny and seemed to be not as active as the others.  The Owner said two weeks ago she had run over the little pup but thought she was fine.   The Group took Hazel for an x-ray and soon discovered she had a massive Diaphragmatic Hernia.  This was not something they could handle financially and were distraught when they realized this pup would not survive without surgery.   


We knew immediately what it was when we saw the X-Ray and knew she needed help ASAP.  Everyone jumped in their car from different locations to get this pup to Dr. Michelle Nanfelt at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthew, NC.   Dr. Nanfelt had already seen the scans and knew what needed to happen.   She and her Team of incredible Vet. Techs were waiting for Hazel when she arrived.   Hazel was stabilized and then went into surgery.


A Diaphragmatic Hernia is a compromise of the diaphragm which allows abdominal organs to migrate into the chest cavity.  Her Diaphragmatic hernia was massive.  The Surgeons were prepared to remove part of her liver but instead spent hours removing the connected tissue since that was going to give her the best possible outcome.   The pictures of the hernia and the surgery are quite graphic and show in great detail all the organs that were in the opening as does the X-Ray.  


In addition to the hernia, sweet Hazel had several broken ribs which will not require further surgery.  I can't even imagine the pain this little pup has endured. The original car running over her was bad enough but to not get her Medical Treatment is Animal Cruelty.   There is no excuse for this lack of care and concern for an injured Animal.   Hazel was skin and bones when we got her and is still very thin but gaining weight.


Did I mention how adorable and sweet Hazel is?   She makes sugar tastes sour.  She is one big love bug that loves everyone.  She is going to be the best Family dog that gets along with everyone.  We love Hazel and are so glad we were able to take her into our Medical Program.   The thought of her suffering for weeks is something we do not want to even think about.  She is safe now, and that is all that matters.


We have lots of Medical Bills for lots of dogs coming in Daily.  Hazel's bills are just one more to add to the stack.  Please, Donate toward her care so we can help more dogs like Hazel that will DIE without Surgical Intervention.  Thanks for caring.

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