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There aren't any words to describe the sadness we each feel for not being able to save this beautiful puppy.   We took the puppy as soon as we found out she needed help.  We had her at the best Hospital getting round the clock care.   We had Specialists from all over working on her case.  We did everything humanly possible, and we still lost this little Angel. 


On Friday, all of the Specialists determined Jenny was still not getting enough calories and wanted to put in a Gastro Feeding tube.  We weighed the pros and cons and decided if this did not work we would have to say good-bye to the beautiful puppy.  We chose to give her this chance.  Once Jenny recovered from the procedure the extra calories made a huge difference.  She was brighter, more alert and even barking.  The most miraculous thing was she started to eat solid food and drink water which she had not done since we had rescued her.  If Jenny kept improving like this, we were going to bring her home with us on Wednesday.


I was worried about a lot of pups that we have in ICU, but Jenny was suddenly not one of them.  I got the devastating phone call late last night that Jenny had taken a turn for the worse and was not responsive.  My heart dropped, and all hope went out the window for this little puppy.  I had them send me a video of her and pics to make sure I was making the right call since I was not there.  Our little baby girl was no longer with us.  Her Specialists believe her body became septic and nothing we could do would bring her back.


I had them remove all tubes and cuddled her in their arms until she gently floated away.  I always say an animal will let us know when they have had enough and no longer want to be here.  Jenny let us know that there was nothing more we could do but love and hold her.  Our hearts are very heavy after the incredible loss of a tiny Life that no one cared about.  Jenny should be running around chewing on shoe laces causing trouble.  Instead, she was born into a Family that did not care about her health or the value of her Life.


Sweet Jenny has earned her beautiful golden Angel Wings.  She will forever be whole, vibrant and free to run and play to her heart's content.    Tonight when you look up into the Moonlit night, look for a scattering of stars that are running in all direction with one tiny star in hot pursuit.  That will be our dear Jenny.  Free at last chasing her Earthly blues away.  She will forever be part of our Noah's Arks Rescue Family.  Sleep tight sweet girl.  We will one day meet again.


Thanks for giving Jenny the only chance she ever had at having a Life filled with Love and Care.  Because Jenny was in ICU getting 24-hour care her bills are exorbitant.  Please, consider making a Donation to honor precious Jenny so we can help more puppies that Humans have abused and neglected.  Thanks for caring and being there for her.


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