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JOSIE (Schnauzer)

Latest Updates

CHARLOTTE, NC....We were contacted by another Rescue in the Charlotte area that had picked up as a stray the saddest, most pitiful looking Schnauzer you have ever seen.  They sent us her pics and said she was critical and could not take her into their care, so I agreed to take her.  We originally were going to call her Louise since we had just rescued a Thelma until we scanned her for a microchip and found one.   Her Microchip showed our sweet girl was seven years old, and her name was Josie.   The number listed for her had been disconnected and there was no way to get in touch with her Family, so we had her taken to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC for Medical Treatment.


Josie arrived and was so lethargic that she was taken to ICU immediately and that is where she has remained.   She was emaciated with lots of terrible sores all over her body.   She had patches of hair that were missing and did not show any indication it was going to grow back.  We have sent off a Thyroid panel and lots of other tests that we are waiting for the results to come back.  Josie's poor skin is a hot mess all over.   The ER Team has already started her on medicated baths to see if we can get her skin to calm down, but her overall demeanor is a very depressed dog.   We do not have a clue how long this sweet pup was on her own, but it appears for quite a while.   She was covered with fleas when she came in but did not have leaves and debris caught in her fur from wandering around outside.  


Josie's eyes are in terrible shape, and she can barely see from the infections she has.   I suspect someone had her pinned up in a yard and then when she became lethargic, that discarded her.  Poor girl looks like she is around 15 years old.   It is hard to believe she is only seven.   We suspect she has a thyroid issue based on how bad her skin is.    This wonderful dog is way too young to be giving up, so we are going to do everything possible to get her feeling better.   We are hopeful once her lab results come back, we will have a better idea of what is causing her system to be so depressed.  She has a lot more going on than being abandoned.   Until we figure it out, she is being loved and pampered by everyone that is responsible for her care.


I will never understand anyone that has an animal and then sits around and watches them get sick or are hurt and in terrible pain and do nothing.   All it takes is a little love and care and not letting a situation get out of control.   What could have cost a hundred dollars, in the beginning, is now into the thousands and the animal has suffered for months.  Animals are not Throw-Away Toys.   They are living, breathing beautiful creatures that love us unconditionally.


Josie did not deserve the Life she has had.   She is a sweet pup that is scared and very sick.   She does not have a clue what is going on in her Life.  She is starting to realize that we are the good people and are not ever going to let anything bad happen to her again.   Please, DONATE, toward Josie's extensive Medical Bills.  She is going to be in the Hospital for quite a while getting better and then will come to our Rehab Facility recovering until she can be placed in a loving home.  If we cannot get Josie stabilized, then she will come to our Facility and live out her Life with us surrounded by people that will love and adore her, unconditionally. 


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