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Our dear Marigold has lost her battle and has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge.   Her quest to find love was found in everyone that met her.   The Specialists were able to pull her tube yesterday, and she was very stable and breathing on her own.  She had several more transfusions, and all of her blood values were within a normal range.   When I saw her yesterday, she was snoring peacefully and was very relaxed.   I brought a special jacket for her to wear to keep her warm and snuggly.   All that could be done was done.  Her Specialist was very encouraged by her improvement and felt she was going to overcome the swelling she had.  It was now just a matter of time before she was going to round the corner.  Unfortunately, I got the most dreaded call that she had gone into cardiac arrest again.  I told them to stay with her and let her gently pass.   She had told me all I needed to hear.  She found what she had been searching for but was unable to stay around any longer to enjoy all the Love she now had.   Marigold gave all she had to be here but could not overcome the abuse, and neglect she had endured.  We are all devastated by her passing.  


 I wish I new exactly where and how she lived to figure out what caused her cancer.  The AC Officer in charge of her case is doing everything she can to get me that information, so we can determine if it was genetic or from chemical exposure, etc.    To honor dear Marigold, I called the shelter this morning to find out if Marigold's three-year-old pups have been rescued.  There has been no interest and are in danger of being PTS because they are each very sick with Demodex, skin infections, and one is heartworm positive.   I have the pups being picked up tomorrow to give them the same care Marigold got.  We couldn't save her, but we can save her off-spring and find them incredible homes once they are well enough to be adopted.   Please, honor Marigold with a Donation to save her three pups.  We are calling them Susanna, Violet, and Sawyer.  


Before you go to bed tonight, go outside and look for the brightest star in the sky surrounded by tiny twinkling stars.   That will be Marigold looking after all the young pups that went before her.    She is now free of her massive tumor and is showering everyone with unconditional love.   Her Journey ended when she found Love and her Legacy will live on in her pups.   Thanks for making her Journey possible.

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