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GOLDSBORO, NC........Marvin has had a life with so much turmoil over the last 8 months that he looks like he is 10 year old.  Sweet Marvin is only 2 1/2 years old.  He is a full-blooded Dachshund that belonged to a military Family.  They got him when he was very young.  His medical records show a healthy dog that was current on shots, etc. until about 8 months ago when the Husband was deployed.  It looks like this adorable dog was then put outside and not taken care of.  Little Marvin is skin and bones and has been so malnourished that his spine and legs are a little deformed.  He was brought to the shelter by the husband and left there when he returned.  We have tried to find out more information but have been unable to. The best we can come up with is personal hardships that prevented them from taking care of the dog. The original vets say they just can’t believe the difference between the last time they saw this little wonder and now.  Marvin was going to be euthanized because of his condition when we stepped up for him.  We originally thought we were getting a dog that was close to 10 years old and were very saddened to see he was only 2+ years old.  We have had him for a couple of weeks accessing his situation and seeing exactly what needs to be done to get him well again.  Our main concern has been for his bone structure and whether surgery would be needed.  The doctors have ruled that out for now and think time and special food will be the best cure for his bone structure.  His ears are eaten up with fly bites and that will improve as he improves.  His teeth are in terrible condition and we have already gotten them surgically taken care of.  Marvin is the sweetest, talkative little man.  He loves everyone and every other dog.  He is happiest when he can get in a field of grass and roll around for hours.  That to him is  a life of luxury.


Marvin is slowly putting his weight back on.  I just love this picture.  He looks like a baby elephant with those ears.  He is finally beginning to act like a young pup which is exactly what he is.  He loves everyone and will make a wonderful companion for someone.



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