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MATTIE (Yorkie Mix)

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GAFFNEY, SC....Adorable Mattie is a two-year-old Yorkie Mix that was picked up by a Good-Samaritan and taken to Cherokee County Animal Shelter.  The Shelter had her evaluated, and they determined she was completely paralyzed and should probably be Humanely-Euthanized.  The hospital that was keeping this adorable little girl was determined to find someone that would give her a chance.   After lots of e-mails and conversations, they got their Wish. I agreed to take on this sweet girl they had named Mattie.


It seems like no matter how many questions you ask concerning a dog that has a spinal injury, each person you ask has a different interpretation but with the same outcome.  I was very specific about whether Mattie could use the bathroom on her own and if she had deep-pain in her feet when pinched with forceps. Every time, I got the same end-result which was that she could use the bathroom on her own and did have feeling in her feet when pinched.   I was sent videos of them doing the tests and finally decided it was now or ever for Mattie.


No matter how much the hospital ladies loved Mattie, the Vets office was not going to allow her to stay there forever and she needed out and to be evaluated by a Neurologist or she was going to be another sad statistic.  Mattie was taken to CVS in Matthews, NC to see Dr. Bob Bergman and Dr. Russel Quigley for a thorough Neuro Evaluation and scans. Mattie's spine was so deformed that neither Neurologist could determine if this was genetic or an injury.  They have been going back and forth and are now thinking more an injury based on the scans.


This adorable pup does not have bladder or bowel control but does know when she is going and will move out of the way.  The problem is the Vets were not expressing her bladder, and it was overflow that was coming out.  Sadly for Mattie, she now has a Bladder infection that is resistant to most antibiotics.  We have to clear the infection before we can determine what is exactly causing her pain. Right now, I suspect it is her bladder and not her spine.  Opening up a dog with a raging resistant infection is not something we are going to do.


We are taking this slow and easy to make sure we make the right decision for dear Mattie that does not cause her more harm.   We already see improvement in how she is feeling.  Her fever is going down, and her overall mood is good.  No matter what the outcome for her spinal injury, we have ordered a cart for her and a drag bag, so she does not damage her legs any further from rubbing the skin off while getting around.


Adorable and Sweet does not even begin to describe this beautiful pup.  She now has a chance where before she did not.  I may not have gotten the correct answers to the questions I asked, but the results will be the same.  Mattie will get whatever she needs to have the best Life possible.  If she benefits from surgery, she will get it.  Whatever she needs to live a long Life free of pain and suffering is our ultimate goal.


Mattie belonged to someone that Abandoned her without a second thought on how she would take care of herself as a paralyzed dog.  Luckily someone picked her up.  Please, DONATE toward Mattie's extensive Medical and Rehabilitative Care so we can give her everything she will need to Survive and Thrive surrounded by unconditional LOVE.

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