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BURLINGTON, NC.....We do our best to help as many animals as we can that are in desperate need and will be euthanized if we do not step up.  The main reason for euthanasia is because their injuries are too costly to fix and the animal would suffer without proper medical care.


Poor Maybelline was hit by a car on Friday and left on the side of the road for days before she was rescued.  She is a 9-month-old sweet Pitbull that had unimaginable injuries all on the left side of her body.  Her front left leg is completely separated from her body.  It is hanging by skin alone.  All of the muscle, tendons, and nerves that attach it to her body have come off from the impact.  Her left rear leg has two breaks.  One is near her growth plates and the other is right above her knee.   Both of these breaks have got to be surgically repaired.


If you didn't notice what we just described, Maybelline has lost all ability to walk because she does not have a leg to stand on her left side.   Her front leg hangs from her body and is in her way.  It no longer has any feeling connected to her body.  The pain she feels is coming from the pain of the body that is left.   She cannot stand up with her rear legs because her left leg is shattered above and below the knee.


When we stepped up for Maybelline, she was in shock and needed to be in ICU to get stable.  Laying in a ditch with open wounds has caused her to have an infection in the open wounds.    So much had to happen for this sweet puppy before we even considered the possibility of doing surgery.    After five days in the ER, we finally got this adorable pup stable enough to where Dr. Michelle Nanfelt, her Orthopedic Surgeon, could begin her multiple surgeries.  


We have to stabilize Maybelline's broken rear left leg before we remove her front leg.  She did well during the two surgical procedures and is now in ICU recovering.  We have to wait until she starts using the repaired leg before we can amputate the front leg.  This poor pup is also still sick with a high white blood count.


We need every penny we can get even to come close to covering the first part of Maybelline's Medical Bills.  We will post again once she has recovered from her first two procedures.  I would have been dead the second day in the ditch with all the pain this sweet pup has endured.  Her suffering and willingness to fight to be here are why we are doing everything possible to save her.  Please, DONATE to help us help Maybelline get the Medical Care she needs to Survive.


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