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MERCEDES (Pitbull)

Latest Updates

STATESVILLE, NC.....We were contacted to see if we could help a Staffy / Boxer Pup that was on her last leg.  We were the last hope for this sweet girl because of all her medical issues.   A Good-Samaritan saw Mercedes walking around his neighborhood and thought she belonged to the people next door. The man picked her up and took her to the Iredell County Animal Services in Statesville, NC.  because she had a huge mass that was bleeding on her abdomen.


We were sent pictures of an 8-year-old dog that looked like she had given birth to puppies from the moment she could.  The picture showed us a sweet girl that had completely given up.   She still wanted to wag her tail, but there was no Life left in her to give.  We agreed to take her if the shelter could arrange to get her to Carolina Vet. Specialists in Matthews, NC today.  In a matter of hours, sweet Mercedes was on her way to the Specialty Clinic.


We do so much business with CVS in Matthews, NC that they know exactly what they have to do with each of our dogs.   Each dog that arrives is taken into the ER and thoroughly evaluated.  Any Life-Saving measures that need to be performed are done immediately.    Once the animal is stable, all of the Specialists get together and decide what has to happen next to give this animal the best chance of survival with a good Quality of Life.


When Mercedes arrived, it was very apparent to everyone that she had some serious medical issues going on that were either caused by the mass she had or in addition to the mass.  Her bloodwork showed that she needed an immediate blood transfusion or she would not be around tomorrow to figure it out.   Mercedes was loaded with every parasite known to man.   We are not sure if the blood loss is from the mass or the parasites.   At this stage, it really didn't matter.   She needed blood to get her stable, and she needed it now.   The hospital believes she will need two transfusions before she is stable.


We would like for this sweet girl to see tomorrow and a lot of other tomorrows after that.   Please, Help Us with her Medical Care so she can get the same chance we give all of our dogs.   We don't know what all of her medical issues are because we have to get her stable.  Tonight is the first step in her Journey to heal and find Love.  Let's give her that Chance.

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