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MERCEDES (Pitbull)

Latest Updates

Sweet Mercedes is showing a slight improvement in her blood values.  She is still anemic because her values were so low when she first arrived.  The Specialists were shocked she could even stand up and wag her tail.  Her eyes even look a little brighter today.


Today was considered Spa Day for our dear girl.  She had been covered with fleas when she arrived, so it has taken them several days to rid her body of them.  They were able to lightly sedate her so they could clean her body and clean the mass that she had opening up by chewing on it.   The large mass between her legs they believe is a mammary mass.   Once she was sedated, they were able to get a better look at what they were dealing with.  This mass is horrible and mean looking. They bandaged the mass to make Mercedes more comfortable until she can have her surgery.   Dr. Nanfelt is hopeful her blood values and electrolytes would have improved enough for her to surgically remove the mass on Tuesday.


Mercedes is one of the sweetest most gentle dogs you will ever meet.   Her mood is pretty down from being anemic, but she lights up like a Christmas Tree when anyone stops by to show her some Loving which happens all the time.  I now believe she is exhausted from all the special attention she is getting.   Intensive Care at CVS in Matthews, NC gives each one of our pups special attention.   They are the first step in turning their Lives around.


The pictures of Mercedes Tumor are pretty bad to look at.  DO NOT look if you have a weak constitution.   Once the tumor is removed, we will have a better idea of the cancer we are dealing with.   Mercedes Oncologist,  Dr. Claudia McFadden will come up with the best plan that will give dear Mercedes the best Quality of Life.  At this time, we do not have a clue how bad this is going to be.  Based on how bad her parasite load was when she arrived, we are hopeful her severe anemia was caused by that.


This beautiful, soulful girl needs all of our prayers.   We are just at the beginning of her Journey to Heal and find Love, and she is off to a very rocky start.  We are not rushing in to do any surgery until we know she will be strong enough to survive the procedure.  We have three new critical care cases that will be coming in today that will also be in ICU along with Mercedes.  We will post those animals as soon as we know their medical status.   

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