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Sweet Minnie Pearl has certainly had a hard time of it.   We have completed all of her surgeries, but she does not want to use one of her rear legs.   We are hopeful that extensive Rehab will restore some of her range of motion but right now, her leg hurts, and she does not want any part of anyone moving it.  We repaired the leg along with the others with the best case scenario being she will use the leg and eventually get her full-range of motion.  If she does not use the leg after extensive care to restore the function of the leg, we will be forced to consider amputation.


The problems we have had to deal with far more times than we like is when the leg becomes a neurological issue.  The leg does not function the way it should, and because of neurological damage and tingling, the animal eventually tries to remove their leg by chewing it off.  At that point, we have no choice but to remove the leg.  We are a long way from that happening, but I feel compelled to let everyone know this in case Minnie Pearl begins doing this.   The good news is that she is getting around on her other legs and if we do have to amputate she will be an incredible tripod.  


Minnie Pearl is a wonderful pup that has had unimaginable damage done to her body.   She was in incredible pain for quite a while before we were able to get her stable and do her surgery.    We are glad she made it to us because I know there is no one else out there that would have done all of the surgeries that she needed and keep her in ICU the entire time.  She is doing well because of all the constant Medical Care she has received.  Minnie Pearl's Medical bills are ongoing and will be for the next two months.  We are already close to $15,000. for her care.  Please, DONATE whatever you can so we can get her bills down and keep supplying her the necessary medical care that she will need for the next two months.


Thanks for caring and making her Journey to Heal, possible.  We greatly appreciate your Love and Support.

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