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Sweet Minnie Pearl has had her share of medical issues.  When she arrived, she was another Humpity Dumpity that needed to be put back together.  Her worst fracture was the left tibia which was an open fracture.  Dr. Gallivan plated, screwed and wired the area when she came in that night through the Emergency Room.  Unfortunately, that particular leg has been a source of constant infection and pain for Minnie Pearl.  We spoke to the Surgeons and decided the best thing right now is to go in, remove the plate and see what can be done to stabilize the leg.   The leg is too unstable at this time for another plate to be put in.


Dr. Michelle Nanfelt had worked on Minnie's other legs, and they were doing great.   We decided to have her take over the leg we were having so many issues with and do the next surgical procedure.  We DO NOT want to amputate this leg and are committed to doing everything possible to keep from doing that.


Dr. Nanfelt removed the tibial plate, screws, and wire that were loose.   The Tibial bone was compromised at the primary fracture site (as you can see on the post-op X-rays).  Because the area was too fragile for a plate, Dr. Nanfelt used a Bone Graft at the weakened tibial bone and then created a lateral splint for her out of cast material.   Minnie Pearl will be on strict exercise while the leg is healing.  Our hopes and prayers are that the bone graft will take and the area will become solid bone.  We will not know for about a month if this works.  If this does not work, we will see if the bone graft has formed enough solid bone for a new plate to be put in.


We have lots of balls in the air with this amazing dog.  All of her other repairs have healed beautifully.  Given how broken she was when she arrived, we are still very happy with how well her recovery has been.    Please, keep dear Minnie Pearl in your prayers.  


We are desperate for Donations for all of our pups.  If you can't Donate, please, send to your Animal loving friends to give them the opportunity to help these beautiful Abused Animals.  We are the Last Resort for the animals we take in.  Without Donations, we cannot help them, and they will DIE.   Thanks for caring and making their Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.

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