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SAVANNAH, GA.......We were contacted by another Rescue in Georgia that wanted to help an Abused Rottie that was part of an on-going Criminal Abuse Case.   They did not have the means to take care of his Medical Issues which is why we were contacted.  


Sweet Oliver was reported to Animal Control by a Good-Samaritan.   He was padlocked and chained with trash all around and no clean water or any food.  He appears to be a nine-year-old pure breed Rottweiler that has been starved.   The other issue is that his mouth is covered with large infected tumors that are hanging off his lips.  Each tumor is the size of an orange.   He can barely see becasue his eyes are terribly infected.   We agreed to take him to make sure he got the medical care he needed.   The pain this poor dog has endured is Heart-Breaking.  


When we picked him up, the first thing you noticed was the horrible smell of dead tissue.  His tumors had burst and were hanging on his mouth but still growing.   He was also in unimaginable pain.    We had him taken to Carolina Vet Specialists where he was stabilized.    Dr. Michelle Nanfelt will be removing his tumors and also do his Reconstructive Surgery.   The other major issue we later discovered when we did x-rays is that he has one of the largest bladder stones we have ever seen.  It is the size of a grapefruit.    That will also have to be removed during his surgery.  


With all that Oliver has going on, you are probably asking yourself, why would we not just put him down.   The best answer I can give is that Oliver has had years to die.  He could have given up a long time ago.  He has enough things going on that it would not have taken much for him to give up and his body would have shut down.  Oliver never gave up and has fought hard to be here.  In his heart, he must have known his Life was going to get better and someone was finally going to stand up for HIM.   Well, Help has Arrived, and we are going to do everything possible to be deserving of his Love and Devotion.   We know he will not have a long life, but we also know he deserves the rest of his Life to be showered with Unconditional Love and Care.  


Oliver has been tied up since he was probably a young pup.   He is afraid of everything but the thing he appears to be the most afraid of at the moment is GRASS.     He is terrified of walking on grass.  It appears he has never seen grass or gotten to experience it under his feet which is heart-breaking.  We know we are not going to be able to cure the cancer or get rid of all the tumors, but we can cure a Broken Heart and get this sweet pup comfortable and happy.   In the end, that is the most important aspect of loving any animal.   Knowing when to say Good-Bye and knowing when not to give up when they have given their all, is what it means to Love an Animal Unconditionally.   


We need all the help we can get to give this sweet dog the best chance possible.   He is about 35 pounds under weight and has a long way to go in his recovery.  If you can't Donate, please forward to all of your Dog-Loving Friends.   Oliver is going to have to have several different surgeries to give him the best possible chance.  He is a sweet boy that deserves the best Medical Care we can get for him.  This is his only chance and we are going give it to him.

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