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MANNING, SC......Dear Patches is a 5-year-old Staffordshire Terrier that was abandoned in someone's yard.  The Family realized he could not use his rear legs and brought him to Animal Control in the area.   The Family that had him said he was great with other dogs and kids since they had a six-year-old.  We had e-mails coming in from all over the place begging us to help this amazing pup that wanted nothing more than to give kisses.     After battling with myself over all the animals we have in hospitals, financial obligations, etc. I decided I was this dog's last ray of Hope so I agreed to help him.


I had the Shelter send me videos of him with other dogs and of him barely able to stand.  They said he could use the bathroom without any issues, but his rear legs were broken, and they thought he might have to have them amputated.   I said that if his legs were broken, we would look at all options before ever amputating.   Amputation was a last resort for us.  We look at all other options before we do that.


Patches arrived at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC in the most horrible condition you could ever imagine.   This poor dog had the worst infection on his rear hip and could not move his rear legs.   It was as if he did not know he had legs.  The pain he was experiencing was unimaginable.    He was immediately taken back to ICU so he could be thoroughly evaluated.    Patches had been laying on his side for so long before coming to the Shelter that he had a large Decubitus Ulcer over his hip that was down to the bone.    The smell was horrible from the infection.    The ER Team said they had to get him comfortable and stable over the weekend before anything could be done.  Poor Patches had been unable to move for so long that he had urine scalds all over his rear section.


It was heartbreaking for everyone involved to see a dog that was in this much pain and wanted nothing more than to give kisses with a smile on his face.   Lots of tears have been shed from all he has been through.   The person that abandoned him should have gotten him help when he first became lame.  Instead, he was abandoned after suffering for a long time.   Ulcers like this do not happen over night.  It can take weeks and sometimes months for them to get this bad.


The Neurology Team was brought in to evaluate him and said he needed to be stabilized and his infection had to be under control before they could do anything.   They did say, his legs were not broken but that he had a disk or spinal problem.   All weekend everyone loved or dear Patches, and a Fentanyl Patch was put on to control the pain he was having.  For the first time since he arrived, this amazing dog was finally comfortable.  Patches entire face lights up when you come to take him out or love on him.   How long he had suffered only the person that allowed this to happen knows.  


He does not appear to have control of his bowel or bladder which explains the urine scalds he has.  The Neurology Team is doing a full work-up on him today.  It appears his back is broken which is why his legs do not work and are in such a terrible position when he sits.  He waits patiently in his ICU Run with so much Hope and Love for everyone he sees that it breaks your heart.    I am hoping and praying that his Neurologists, Dr. Bob Bergman can come up with something we can do to get him better.  Lots of dogs have broken spines and do great in a cart.   We will know more this afternoon, but for now, this amazing dog needs all of our Prayers.


Please, DONATE whatever you can to give Patches the Life he and every animal deserves.   A Life free of Pain and Suffering surrounded by Unconditional Love.  What seems so simple, is so hard to find for some of the greatest animals we have ever met.    Dogs like Patches come in with their hearts wide open.    Any kindness is met with pure Love and Joy.   Whatever we can do for dear Patches to give him that Life, we are going to do.  Thanks for caring.


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