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Our beautiful Angel Pepper.  I can still see you sitting in the chair in my office pretending to be me.  I think if you could have answered the phone and said hello, This is Noah's Arks Rescue, you would have.  You absolutely had us at Hello.   We fell in love with you, the minute you walked in the door.  You told us what you would do and what you wouldn't do, and we had better pay attention.  If we did that, you would love us forever and never leave.   God how we loved your sweet smile and those beautiful eyes.   You had waited all your Life to be loved, and you had finally found it with us.   Life could not have been any sweeter until your Forever Family saw your video where you said "Choose Me, " and she DID..   You two were a match made in Heaven.  You were doing so well that we knew you would live forever with your Special Person.  Sadly, Cancer is bigger than all of us.  No matter what we did, Cancer was winning.   Our hearts broke when you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  

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