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Our sweet little girl seems to be growing right in front of our eyes.  She would eat a house down if we would let her.   She has had two more procedures where she has had to be sedated to clean her wounds.   Her face and ears are the worst places on her and they have to be debrided daily because they are still very infected.  The cultures should be back in the next couple of days to get her on the best possible antibiotic to fight the specific infection she has.  


Petunia takes all of her procedures with a smile on her face.  She is so happy to have people loving on her that she never stops wagging her tail.   She is still too raw for us to pick her up but we should be able to by the end of the week.   That does not stop us from giving her lots and lots of kisses.   We heard Petunia bark for the first time the other day and she sounded a lot like a Hound Mix.   We do DNA blood tests on most of the dogs we take in.   Those test should be back in two weeks.  We have all had a lot of laughs when the results come in.  I am sure Petunia will surprise us all.   Her bark certainly did.   Our little bundle of joy has the biggest feet you will ever see.   At first they were swollen but now that a lot of the swelling is down, they are still really big.   She is going to be a big girl when she grows up.


Petunia will be in the hospital for the next 6-8 weeks based on how well her skin heals.   By next week, her skin infection should be under control and her skin should have begun to granulate in.   Right now, she is getting big scabs from all the bleeding.    The sooner that stops, the better her chances will be to grow her hair back.   It will be wonderful to finally see her with soft fuzz growing all over her body.


Petunia has had a terrible start in Life but it has not affected her charming personality and loving Spirit.  She will make a wonderful dog for some lucky person, after she has recovered from this ordeal. 



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