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PHINEAS (Aussie Mix)

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COLUMBIA, SC......We may have lost Lily Beth, but we are not going to lose PHINEAS who is in the same horrible shape as she was. These poor desperate Souls have lived their entire Life being tortured.  Puppies are not born with these horrific skin conditions.  It comes from a Lifetime of living in horrible conditions and being malnourished.  Why does this keep happening?  Does no one open up their eyes to see what is right in front of them?   Families that live next to where this is going on have to know this is happening.  Courage comes in many forms, and it starts when we stand up for these innocent Creatures that did not ask to be born. 


Sweet Phineas was abandoned and picked up as a stray and taken to the Shelter in Columbia, SC. This two-year-old Aussie pup has NEVER experienced human kindness.   He is deathly afraid of being trapped and in enclosed spaces.   He had to have lived his entire life outside barely surviving.  I am sure wherever he was, there are several more just like him but no one cares.  People come and go about their busy lives, and no one stops to help Phineas and all the others that are being tortured daily.


Phineas has Demodex that has gone on for so long that he is now oozing with infection all over his body. He must have been tied up because his toenails are starting to curl under his feet from lack of walking around.   Flies have been eating on his ears because of the infection, and he is anemic.   The list goes on and on, but the thing that upsets me the most is his lack of human contact.  He does not see people as a source of Love. The Human Race is the Enemy because that is all he knows.  The Hospital Staff appears to be deathly afraid of him because he lunges at everyone.


Over the past fifteen years, we have had lots of dogs like Phineas.  It has taken years, but we have turned them around, and they are in loving homes now.  If we can get Phineas through his immediate Medical Crisis, we can save this special boy.   He has already started to give us little tail wags.   Dogs that are this critical with infected Demodectic skin require constant contact from us because they have to be medicated and bathed daily.  It is not going to be easy, but we are committed to saving the Soul of this beautiful pup.


Phineas has months of Hospital and Vet visits in his future once he is released from the Hospital.  We lost Lily Best because we did not get her in time before her weak little body shut down.  We think we got Phineas just in the nick of time before his body became septic.  We are racing against a clock that started way before we knew we were in a race.   We have to turn this sweet boys medical condition around before the infection goes into the rest of his body and he also becomes septic.


No one wanted to help this sweet boy but us.  He matters to us, and we need your help to turn his World around.   Please, Help Us, Help Him by Donating.

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