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PHINEAS (Aussie Mix)

Latest Updates

It is official, Phineas does not have a mean bone in his body.  All the caution they were telling us at the hospital has proven to be nothing but fear of being in a hospital environment.  He was so unhappy that I decided to get him out early and have vets come to the NAR Rehab Center for his Medical Care.  Some appointments have to be done in the hospital, and for those, we will be with him to settle him down.


This sweet boy we now believe is an Australian Blue Heeler Mix.  All he wants to do is stay on your heels and play.  He is a fabulous dog that some horrible person neglected from the minute he was born.    Phineas has a long road of healing ahead, but his Life of hardship is finally over. He has a barrage of holistic and pharmaceutical meds he has to take for his skin and immune system.  


In the last five days that we have had him, his entire body has transformed right in front of us.  We are doing the Healing Dance at Noah's Arks Rescue, and it appears to be working. Lots of LOVE, plenty of Exercise inside and out and constant Encouragement.  Phineas is going to make a spectacular pup for anyone that wants a dog close to them that is always ready to play.


The other good news is that our Vet has finally been able to cut his toenails all the way back to normal.  His nails were close to an inch long and were disfiguring his feet.   He can now walk without the discomfort the nails were causing. His lower limbs are still collapsed from poor nutrition and lack of care, but the Rehab we are doing with him daily is building them up.  It will take him a good six months before he can begin to stand more upright in his legs.  He has already made improvements but still has a long road of recovery ahead.


We are still paying off Phineas ICU bills.   Any amount would be greatly appreciated since we have weekly Vet. bills on him that we have to continue to make sure his blood and levels keep improving.   One step backward for him would be devastating since we have to do small meals still to prevent Re-Feeding Syndrome. 

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