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POPPY (Dachshund)

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CHARLESTON, SC.....We check out all of our adopters thoroughly, and if we have any concerns, we discuss them with the applicant to make sure we understand the situation.  On those rare occasions that adoptions do not work out, we do whatever we can to get the dog back and safe.


Adorable Poppy was one of those cases that were adopted in 2018.  I got a phone call recently saying Poppy was not doing well and had a back injury.  The Adopter had taken her to the ER, and she was given meds.  I spoke to the Adopter to see what we could do to help, and he informed me that he no longer wanted Poppy and just realized in our Adoption Contract that he needed our permission to euthanize her.  I got all of Poppy's records from the ER and spoke to our Neurologist about Poppy.


I offered to pay for the surgery, but the Owner wanted Poppy euthanized.  He said he hated the dog and did not want to put more time into her.  Poppy was taking away from the time he wanted to spend with his other dogs.  This man has had Poppy for years, and when we would call to check on Poppy, he was delighted with her.  I told him I needed to have Poppy dropped off at CVRC in Charleston as soon as possible and reiterated he could not euthanize her.  My fear was he was going to harm this adorable dachshund.


Poppy arrived at CVRC in unimaginable pain.  Through all the pain, she was sweet as could be.  The ER Team decided it was best to keep her in the hospital to get her comfortable and resolve her nausea.  Poppy stayed in the hospital for close to a week before being transferred to the Neurology Dept.


Dr. Lisa Klopp ordered an MRI that showed severe spinal cord compression from intervertebral disk extrusion C3-C4. Poppy was taken to surgery immediately following the MRI.   Dr. Klopp performed a C3-C4 ventral slot decompression.   Poppy did great during the procedure and was stable under anesthesia.


Poppy has been with us recovering and is just now able to get out and go on walks.  She is older now than the spunky little girl we rescued years ago.  She has had two spinal surgeries and has been doing well since her second procedure.


We do not know what happened to Poppy to cause the injury.  Dachshunds are prone to spinal injuries if they are allowed to do a lot of jumping when they should not.  We know she was very unhappy with the Family she had.   Poppy is a fabulous little dog with a fantastic personality.  She gets along great with everyone and wants nothing more than to go on walks and give lots of kisses.


We now have to pay for her ER Visit and Surgery and get her into a home that loves and respects the type of dog a Dachshund is.  Poppy is approximately eight years old and has a lot of living left to do.  If you think your home would be suitable for this sweet pup, please drop us a note and fill out our Adoption Application.


Please, donate whatever you can to give Poppy the Life she always deserved.  Her Owner should have been an advocate and guardian for her.  Instead, he saw her as nothing but a problem that did not deserve love and affection.  I could understand if the surgery cost was too much and he needed help to get her well. I was fully prepared to do whatever we could to get her well and return to her Owner.


I was not prepared for the Owner's resentment of Poppy and how much he hated her.   It was as if he wanted a reason to euthanize her, and this was it.  Thank the Lord we have that in our Contract.   The entire experience has upset me since we trusted this person with one of our dear Angels.  The good news is Poppy is doing well and loves being back at Noah's Arks Rescue.


Have a very blessed Holiday Season.

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