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POPPY (Dachshund)

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Adorable POPPY  is a perfect example of why you should never give up when it comes to an animal with spinal issues.  This sweet Dachshund acts as if she never had any spinal problems.  She runs, she plays, and she loves everyone she meets.  Poppy was on Death's Door when we were contacted.  It wasn't that she was in horrible shape or that she had been tortured.   Poppy had two disks that were pushing on the spinal cord that was causing her to lose her ability to use her rear legs.    It was just a matter of time before she was permanently paralyzed.


Nobody knows more about the cost of spinal surgery than we do.  I sometimes feel like we do more procedures than Speciality Hospitals do.   Saving an animal is expensive when you have to do surgery of any kind.   With that being said, don't give up on your pet because of the cost.  There are a lot of organizations that will help private individuals with emergency surgeries.  Also, Vets are some of the most compassionate people.  If they can do something to help you, they will.


Poppy was in one of those situations where no one could afford her care, and we were full.   I thought long and hard before I took her on because I already have said yes to so many and we have so many that need to be adopted.   I could rattle off a thousand reasons why now was not a good time to take on another spinal surgery.   The only reason to say yes was that I knew in my Gut we were it for her and she deserved someone saying I Choose YOU.


Poppy's surgery was a significant success. Dr. Quigley at Carolina Veterinary Specialists did a fantastic job.    Poppy was walking the next day, and within a week she no longer had any pain and was as happy as a four-year-old Dachshund should be.    If you didn't see the big scar running down her back, you would never know her Life was in the balance three weeks ago.


Poppy acts like any other dachshund that loves to run and chase a ball and smell everything.  She should still not be jumping off of couches or chairs, but she is normal in every other way.  Unfortunately, Poppy's cute pictures make her look like she did not require major surgery.  She did, and we have the bills to show for it.   Please, Donate toward her bills.  Very little came in for this precious pup and we need for everyone to share with all of their friends so they can help us with her also.


We have taken in some of the most costly animals I have seen in a long time.  They seem to all have multiple injuries that require multiple surgeries.  Poppy had to have one big surgery to get walking again. Dachshunds are prone to spinal injuries, jumping off of high objects is never a good idea for even the healthy ones.


Poppy is the perfect size pup that could travel aboard an airplane in the passenger area.  None of our animals ever fly in cargo.   If you think she would be right for your Family, please fill out our Adoption application below.   She will be your new best friend in every way possible.


We want to wish everyone a Safe and Happy 4th of July.  Please, remember to look after your pets.  More pets are lost and injured during this Holiday than any other time of year.   Leave music on to sound out the fireworks and make sure they are in a safe room where they cannot jump through a window to get away.  We see this more times than you could imagine.   Have fun and keep your 4-legged family members close by with lots of identification on them.

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