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Roulette (CVRC Pitty)

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CHARLESTON, SC.....Every week I rescue abused dogs.  I have been doing this for over twenty years.  I am rarely shocked but saddened by all the abuse and neglect inflicted on these innocent Souls.  We see the injuries and make a plan to fix them.  Next comes the emotional wounds that take much longer to heal.   Some dogs never fully recover from the emotional abuse they have endured.


CVRC contacted us for help with a seven-month-old Pitbull that had been hit by a car.  The owners could not afford to fix her, so they wanted her put to sleep.  CVRC and Noah's Arks Rescue are incredible partners in saving abused, neglected animals.   They do their best to offer us the best prices to get the dogs well.  The Staff gives emotional support and steps up to foster a dog whenever possible.   When they come to us for help, we do our best to be there for them as they are for us.


Adorable Pebbles, now called Roulette (Rou for short), came in with injuries from an automobile accident.  Once x-rays were performed, the Surgeons saw a different picture of this beautiful puppy.   She has had a life of Trauma and Abuse. The immediate injuries are on top of old breaks all over her body.  Not sure if someone hit her or if she has been hit by an automobile multiple times.


Rou has a left humerus fracture, which requires an SOP plate repair.  She has bilateral tarsal effusion, which is an increased fluid within the joint space from trauma. She is anemic from the accident or parasite overload and has a retroperitoneal hematoma. These are just the current injuries.  Prior trauma is healing rib fractures, right femur changes, and right fibula fractures.


This young scared puppy has had one trauma after another and is only seven months old.   Dr. Steve Garnett did Rou's surgery and was surprised at all her old injuries.  Rou is happy and loves everyone until she has to go outside, and then she is petrified of cars and noises.  The good news is she is finally in a place where she can be loved and nurtured during her recovery.


Please, DONATE whatever you can to give sweet Rou a chance to begin her new Life surrounded by people who love and care for her and keep her safe.  It is our responsibility as Human Beings to keep our beloved pets safe and cared for.  If you can no longer do that, find a better home where they are loved unconditionally but do not abandon them.


Thanks for giving Rou the Gift of Life.  Your love and support are greatly appreciated.


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