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BEAUFORT, SC......We do our best to help out Beaufort and Jasper County with their Medical Abuse cases when no one else will step up.   Every once in a while, we get a call from the Director when they have a Pitbull that is in line to be put to sleep, but everyone is too attached and distraught to do it.   Beaufort County is packed with healthy dogs that need a home.   A sick Pitbull is not going to last very long.


I listened to the Director's plea for this beautiful pocket pitty that was approximately four years old.   She came in as a stray and seemed to be fine when she first arrived.  Within days, she was lethargic and could barely stand.  She was sent to the Vet where it was determined she had Lymphoma.   She was sent back to Beaufort County and before long her time was up.  They knew she would be put down, so they did not even give her a name.


I looked over the pathology report, sent it to our two Oncologists and decided I would rather have this sweet pup spend her final days with us at Noah's Arks Rescue until her time came than to die this way.    I did want her to be seen by our Oncologist before I decided nothing could be done.   Beaufort County made arrangments to get her to Dr. Claudia McFadden at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC the next day.


The first thing we did, was to name her.   She was such a cheerful little girl that we named her Skittles.   This adorable pup loves everyone and every animal she meets.   She is one of the happiest dogs that could care less that she is sick.   As the saying goes, "One Man's trash is another Man's Treasure."   She is our very special Treasure.   We have each fallen in love with this tiny black Beauty.


Dr. McFadden did her battery of tests and also had Cardiology do their work-up since she is Heartworm positive.    Dr. McFadden felt there was a lot of Life left in this little Angel, so we opted to give her the best chance possible and started doing rounds of Chemotherapy.   Skittles was treated at Carolina Vet. Specialists initially but is now being treated by Dr. Kerry Rissetto at Charleston Veterinary Referral Center, so she is closer to us.


We have started a slow-kill Heartworm Treatment since she cannot have anything that would compromise her immune system.  Dogs with Lymphoma are very sensitive to any chemical in their body.  We opted for the best Chemotherapy that would give her the best quality of Life.   We have treated several dogs with Lymphoma, and they are still alive and thriving.   Lymphomas are scary to a lot of Dog Owners.   Enlarged Lymph Nodes is the first sign something is not right with the dog.   Dogs do not show signs of feeling bad until they have at it for a while.


I don't know any other Rescue that treats as many dogs as we do with Cancer.   We jump through hoops for these incredible, beautiful Pups.   If the animal has a good Quality of Life on the Treatment, then we proceed with the recommended Protocol.   So far, dear Skittles is tolerating her Chemotherapy without any adverse reactions.  The main reaction we see is their white blood count will drop significantly.   They can usually bounce back quickly, but in some circumstances, they will need a blood transfusion.   So far, Skittles is doing amazingly well.


We are hopeful our little bundle of Joy will have several good years with us.  She could only be placed in a home that understands her diagnosis and knows she will not live out her natural Lifespan.  In the meantime, she will be spoiled rotten with us at the Rehab facility.   Any animal that is in our Hospice Program is Adopted by US.   We are their Family until their time comes.   Instead of having one or two people spoiling them, they have lots that cater to their every need.     We are the lucky recipients of their unconditional Love. 


Being in our Hospice Program never means we EVER give up.  It means we do everything possible until their Quality of Life is not there.  Life is Good when you are part of our incredible Noah's Arks Rescue Family.  We wish we could take all of the animals that need our help, but that is just not possible.    The ones we do take in, know unconditional LOVE from the very moment we say YES.


Skittles diagnostics and chemotherapy is already around $5000. That will continue as long as she is tolerating her protocol and her bloodwork remains stable.  Please, Donate toward her Medical Bills.  Thanks for caring and making their Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.  We greatly appreciate your unconditional Love and Support. 

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