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There is never a good time to send around an e-mail about an amazing dog that has passed.  We rescued Skittles nine months ago from Beaufort County and were prepared for her to be with us only a couple of weeks since she had advanced Lymphoma.  Once we received her, I decided it was worth a shot to start treating her for the Lymphoma to give her the best chance possible.   Off she went to CVS in Matthews, NC to be worked up with our Oncologist, Dr. Claudia McFadden.


We knew this was a Last Ditch effort but one worth taking if it gave this beautiful pup time to be loved and cherished.  Skittles looked like she had had a ton of puppies and since her time was short, the Oncologist said not to stress her out by spaying her.  We agreed wholeheartedly plus all of our pups at NAR were already fixed.  


Chemo worked Miracles for Skittles.  She did several rounds at CVS and then came back to us at the NAR Rehab Facility.  Over the next four weeks, she did Chemo at CVRC in Charleston with Dr. Kerry Rissetto.  Suddenly, we had a happy, plump Skittles that was no longer emaciated and was loving Life.  Around the second month we had this precious girl we noticed she was having a hard time on her walks and wanted to sleep a lot more than usual.


Off she went to the Vet to be checked out to make sure she was still doing well from the chemo.   Her bloodwork came back normal, but her exam did not. To our surprise, Skittles was pregnant when we rescued her and did not show since she was so emaciated.  Ultrasound showed she had four puppies.  We called the Oncologists, and they said the Chemo they had used had also been used with pregnant women.  It was not an ideal situation, but the puppies could survive.


The very next day, Skittles naturally delivered four puppies.  Two were healthy, and two were stillborn.   This was a first at Noah's Arks Rescue.   In addition to everything else we had going on with the medical abuse cases, we became a Nursery over-nite.   Skittles cancer went into remission during the time she was nursing her pups.


We initially named the pups Twix and Twinkie and then changed their names once their personality came out.  They are now called Rhythm and Blues.   They have been spoiled rotten since the day they were born.  Thank the Lord for Skittles keeping them in line because we indeed were not.  We should have called them Rotten one and two because they were spoiled Rotten.  Skittles stayed on top of their behavior and would pummel either one that got out of line.


Skittles lived for nine beautiful months because of these pups. Once she quit nursing, the chemo had to start again.   Sadly, we did not get the same results we had the first time.  For most of the time, this beautiful Mother played to her heart's content with her puppies.  I decided not to adopt them out until their Mother had passed since Skittles did better with them around.


We knew Skittles time was coming close but thought we would have more time.  Sadly, she developed a high fever and had to be rushed to CVRC in Charleston, SC.   Skittles lymph nodes had become enlarged, so we decided to do one more round of chemo to get them down and make her more comfortable.   Her fever would not come down.  She was in ICU when they determined one of her lymph nodes had become so enlarged that it had perforated her abdomen.   She had become Septic.


Our beautiful girl would not be coming back to us at the Rehab Facility.  We gathered up her puppies, her bed, her toys and rushed to Charleston to say our final Good-Byes to her.   It was important Rhythm and Blues were with her so she could tell them Good-Bye.  Once a Mother, always a Mother.  Skittles gave them a lecture for running around the hospital room the minute they came in the door.  We could not believe how she perked up to set them straight.


After about thirty minutes, we knew it was time to let this beautiful girl go. She crossed over The Rainbow Bridge free of pain and completely relaxed knowing her puppies were taken care of.  She survived nine months to leave us with her final Gift of Unconditional Love.   Her two beautiful babies.  


Something Miraculous happened right after she passed.  Blues was coughing so Dr. Rissetto took her in the back to make sure she had not gotten into something.   Rhythm was running around the room when suddenly he stopped and looked up at the ceiling.  He followed something he saw for a minute and then laid down.  Blues came into the room running and suddenly did the same thing and laid down. I believe Skittles gave them one final lecture before departing for Heaven.


Miracles happen every day at Noah's Arks Rescue but none more Miraculous than the Gift of a Dying Mother giving Birth to two beautiful puppies.   Rhythm and Blues are now available to be adopted but only together. They are the perfect ready-made Family that love other dogs and people.  They are both tiny given Skittles size.  She was a pocket pitty, but they are even smaller.  If you think this pair would be right for your Family, please drop us a note.  They will need a fenced in yard since they love to run and play all day long.


Our hearts are still heavy from the loss of this beautiful girl, but they are also full with the Love we have for her pups.   Tonight when you look into the Midnight Sky, you will notice a calmness and a beautiful glow that you never saw before.   Skittles has come home, and all is right in Heaven.


Our World will never be the same because of the Miracles she left behind.   Unconditional Love comes in many forms.   Skittles Love for Life gave birth to two beautiful Angels.     Thanks for making Skittles Journey possible.   


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