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BEAUFORT, SC.....Remember what I said in the first e-mail concerning Snow about the Holidays bringing out the Best and the Worst in People?   I am so angry and disheartened to have to post this sweet pup that this time I am posting a $5000. Reward for the person that helps us CONVICT the person that did this.   It was probably a kid, but there is no excuse for injuring an animal like this.


Beaufort County contacted me late in the afternoon with a picture of an adorable one-year-old Schnauzer Mix that was paralyzed.  He was picked up as a stray on Robert Smalls Road in Beaufort, SC.   I agreed to help if they would get on the road immediately and take him to Charlotte where Dr. Bob Bergman could evaluate.   I assumed he had been hit by a car and would be assessed, stabilized and surgery done the next day.  It was 7:00 in the evening and Dr. Bergman had already left for the day after working non-stop doing surgery.  He knew the pup we are calling Snuffy was on his way in and let Neurology know to expect him.


I left for the evening to go to a Dinner Party and did not even take my phone with me since I knew all of the pups were in great hands, including the new one that was on the way to the hospital.   When I arrived home at 10:00, I had several messages from Dr. Bergman explaining he came in to do Emergency Surgery on our new pup.   He made a decision he hoped I was okay with to take Snuffy into Surgery that night.  Surgery was the only chance and was a long one if Snuffy was ever to walk again.   Putting the animal first above everything else is the reason why I LOVE Dr. Bergman and the entire Staff at Caroline Veterinary Specialists in Matthews, NC.   They define what it is to be Surgeons and Vets.


When they started doing scans on Snuffy, they first were going to do an MRI when they noticed something move in the dog.  They immediately stopped the MRI and did a Mylogram to see if there was any metal in Snuffy.   An MRI uses magnets to get images, and you cannot do on an animal that has any metal in the body.   The image that came up on the Mylogram SHOCKED everyone and Dr. Bergman came in immediately to take care of Snuffy.  Someone had SHOT Snuffy Point Blank in the back with a pellet gun, and the pellet was dead center in his Spinal Cord.  The person that did this put the gun directly on the skin of Snuffy and FIRED.  It was as if their intention was to sever the spine completely.  The destruction was so great, that hair was embedded in the spinal cord.


Dr. Bergman was as shocked as all of us.  He could not have placed a pellet in the spinal column that accurate if he had surgically done it.   Snuffy is in ICU where he will remain until we can get him better.  We will order a cart for him since we already know he will need one while he regains his strength.  He does not have control of his rear legs, bowel, or bladder at this time, and we are hopeful he will regain some of it.  Only time and healing can help him now.
To say I am outraged is an understatement.  It is incomprehensible this has happened to an innocent animal.  I am posting a $5000. REWARD for information that leads to the conviction of the person that did this.  I know someone out there knows this dog and who did it.  Anyone that is protecting someone and not coming forward is just as QUILTY as if they pulled the trigger. Any information given is completely CONFIDENTIAL.  Please, call Beaufort County if you know the person responsible.  Their number is 843-255-5010.  Beaufort County, Hilton Head Humane and Noah's Arks Rescue are jointly paying the Reward Fee.


We have already taken on more than any Rescue Group can bounce back from.  We have so many dogs in ICU in hospitals that I haven't even had a chance to give them names.  Please, DONATE.  Take your Holiday Gift List and give the Gift of Life to an animal in need.  You can fill out one of our eCards online to send as your Gift.  These innocent animals need us, and we need you.  Thanks for caring and making their Journey to Heal and find Love, possible.  Have a blessed Holiday Season.


NOTE....We are having issues with some kind Donors not getting their Thank-You Notes and Tax Receipts.  We take this seriously and are working on resolving the problem.  Please, make sure your e-mail address is correct in Paypal and also make sure you have designated an address to reply to with them.  We want you to know how much we appreciate your generosity.  Drop us a note, if you have not heard from us after a donation was made.  We apologize for anyone that was not thanked properly and will rectify the problem.

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