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If Love could turn this sweet pups Life around then, he would have it made.  Everyone loves and adores Snuffy and is doing everything possible to give him the best chance to walk again.   Snuffy made great progress in the beginning but has taken a few steps back since the damage from the pellet is now becoming very apparent.   The surgery Dr. Bergman performed was the only hope Snuffy would ever have to give him the best chance of ever walking again.


Snuffy is still in the hospital getting daily Rehab to keep his muscles moving and active.  The Neurology Department works with him daily to express his bladder and bowel and to make sure he does not forget how to walk.   The more they can keep his muscle memory alive, the better his chances.


We had a Custom Cart made for Snuffy that should be here the following week.  Even if the cart were here, it would still be too soon given his surgery.  He has to fully heal from the spinal surgery before he can get in a cart.   Snuffy has wonderful front leg strength, which is what he will need when he gets in his cart.


We have had lots of leads on the person that did this, but the authorities have not made any arrests.  To say we are upset and disturbed by this is an understatement.  This individual could care less about animals or children and is still walking around in our Community.  Anyone that comes forward will be kept Anonymous.   Please, come forward if you have any information that could lead to his arrest.   Anyone that intentionally harms an animal does not deserve the protection he is getting.  If you know, something and are not coming forward; you are just as guilty as he is.


Snuffy's bills just keep stacking up.  Please, Donate whatever you can to give him all the Medical Care he needs to survive this horrible ordeal.  Thanks for caring and making his Journey to Survive and find Love, possible.

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