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Latest Updates

Sweet Thelma has been up and down all week.  She has had to stay in ICU and Critical Care because of her wounds.  The biggest issues that have come up are that the site where the skin graft was taken has opened up and is now a gaping wound that has it's set of problems.   The Surgical Team has taken over her case and has put in tie-over bandages and come up with a way to get the area to granulate in.  The area where the skin graft was placed has started to heal but also has necrotic tissue that has to be debrided.   All of this is part of the process of doing a skin graft.   We had hoped she would not have these complications, but unfortunately, she has had them all.   


The other area of concern is that she has developed terrible edema in her rear limbs and abdomen that we are having to address.  The Hospital Staff is working non-stop to stay on top of this, so the excess fluid does not cause Thelma to be any more uncomfortable than she already is.   The Mammary Surgery sweet Thelma had was very radical but necessary to save her Life.   We have done a ton of these and every once in a while we have complications that have to be addressed.   As of this morning, the Surgical Team that has been over her care feels like they are finally making progress with the graft site and the open area.  Thelma has to remain in ICU until the areas have closed and the fluid in her legs and abdomen have gone down.


Thelma does not have a clue she has been as critical as she has been.  She is a happy go lucky pup that loves everyone and is always jumping up for a kiss or to wrap her arms around you.  We love this beautiful girl and will be so happy when she can get out of the hospital and come to the Rehab Center for some real loving and hugs.  Until then, everyone at Carolina Veterinary Specialists is showering her with kisses and unconditional Love.


I apologize for the late updates, but it could not be helped.  On Monday, I was separating two blind dogs that had gotten into a scuffle.  I was pulling one of the dogs off with someone holding the other dog when suddenly the dog I was pulling let go (which is what you want them to do).  I fell backward with a 60 lb dog going with me and broke my back.  I have an L1 wedge fracture which is very similar to what Clara Belle has.  The only difference is that our sweet little pup could have surgery for it but I cannot.  I have been in the hospital and will be with a Neurologist all day having a brace made that I will have to wear for the next four months.  Life will go on as usual with NAR.   I have six dogs that came in during all of this and will do my best to post them when I can.   The ONLY reason for the note is to explain why my responses to e-mails and calls have not been as prompt as usual.


I have a WONDERFUL Team that works with the pups daily.   Their care has always been my top priority and always will be.  The only bad part about getting older and being as active as I am with the dogs is that you are more prone to break things.   Please, DONATE as much as you can for each of the dogs ever time I send an update around.  I will not be able to send the updates as often via e-mail but will be doing updates on their web pages as often as I can.   It is critical to keep the funds coming in so we can continue to help all of the abused animals that we can.  I may have broken my back but the pups we help that are abused come in with broken backs all the time.   Let's focus on them and never forget what Noah's Arks Rescue is all about.

Warm hugs and much love to each of you for all the love and support you show us and our Abused Animals.


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