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Our dear Titus has given us a run for the money since we took him back from his Owner nine months ago.  He has been in and out of the hospital and has several times for his Diabetes and Bladder issues.  Titus developed Diabetes when he became obese while living with his Family.   We got his weight off, but his Diabetes has kept each of us on our toes.   He has crashed four times and had to be rushed to the ER in Charleston, SC, to see Dr. Welch and Dr. Tynan.


His Diabetes has caused every Specialist he has seen to re-think what should be reasonable for a dog like Titus.  We have used every insulin known to man and have spent a fortune on each of them.  We have to use a monitor that is attached to him so we can get readings throughout the day so we can adjust his food and insulin based on how high or low his blood glucose is.  That is another prohibitive cost on top of the insulin.  


I never had any idea insulin, and these meters were as costly as they are.  The other problem is we have to use a human monitor, and the company will not support any issues we have because Titus is a dog.  If the monitor does not work, we are totally screwed and have to buy another one.  In all my twenty years of saving Abused Dogs, this is the first time I am completely baffled about what to do to get this sweet pup better.  Dr. Welch and Dr. Marikay are equally baffled.


We are now having to assume there is something else going on but have not been able to identify what that something else is.  The likely scenario is Titus has a tiny tumor on his Pancreas, which is now showing up.  We are going to be doing more tests over the next two weeks to see what we can rule out so we can rule something in.  The new human-grade insulin, Lantus we are using, is controlling him better than the others, but he is still not stable.   The pharmacies will not give us any discounts on the meds because he is a dog.


To say, I am frustrated and angry with the pharmaceutical companies is an understatement.  I feel for every person with Diabetes that cannot afford their meds.  I am ready to drive to Canada to get the meds for Titus.  The problem is the meds have to be kept in a very controlled chilled environment, or the insulin is no longer viable.  We can't even have people donate it to us because of this.  If Titus received insulin that was no longer viable and his glucose spiked or plummeted, he could die.


I have spent over $10,000 to get Titus as stable as he is right now.  A big part of treating Titus Diabetes has also been regulating his food so he could gain weight.  We finally have his weight where he is feeling better, but we have to weigh his food out in grams, or his blood glucose goes hair-wire.  


Titus is a happy, happy pup that does not let his deformed rear limb stop him from hopping all over the yard and giving everyone he meets a welcoming hello.  We love this sweet, sweet pup and are going to do everything possible to provide him with the best Life.  It is not his fault he developed Diabetes.  He is in this situation because of his Owner.  


We cannot let him die because of a lack of funds.  His ER visits, sensors, and insulin are killing us, staying on top of this.   Please, Donate whatever you can so we can give Titus the best chance of living a great Life.   This special pup deserves to get the same medical care every other dog we take in receives.  The only difference is he will have to be on this for the rest of his Life.


Thanks for helping us with this exceptional pup.  I am sure I will be begging each month for Titus, given his Diabetes is not going away.   I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about Diabetic dogs since we took Titus in.  The most important thing is not to put them down.  Once their Blood Glucose is regulated, they are happy special pups.

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