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Dogs amaze me every single day.  They have good days, they have bad days and through it all, they will always do whatever they can to show us they love us.    We see that love taken for granted daily in the animals we rescue.  No matter how much pain and suffering they have endured, they still want to show us their love by wagging their tail or giving us a gentle kiss.  Adorable Willow has been broken from one end to the other, and she always has a smile on her face.


Dr. Nanfelt did the final surgeries on sweet Willow.   Her left femur fracture, left ilial fracture and acetabulum were repaired and explored to give her the best possible chance of walking normally again.  It appears some of the injuries are old.   Her legs have various stages of healing that have been documented.   It looks like she has new and old wounds where thick fibrous scar tissue has formed.  Some of the areas could be repaired and some we will just have to wait to see how she does.  Dr. Nanfelt decided the areas where the scar tissue had stabilized an area should be left alone.   We are going to have to do lots of Rehab to get sweet Willow's range of motion back.


Willow is by far one of the sweetest, most adorable pups you will ever meet.  Everyone in the Surgical Dept. is shocked she is starting to use her legs and put weight on them.   She will take little walks around ICU and give everyone she meets a kiss.   This morning she decided she felt well enough to keep on walking and (illegally) walked out to the Reception area of the Hospital and started greeting people.   She is delightful puppy that loves everyone.


Willow has had three major surgeries to put her poor legs and body back together.  We are way behind on funds to cover ICU and her surgical procedures.  Please, Donate whatever you can so we can help other pups like Willow that have been neglected and abused.   Thanks for caring and making it possible to save her.

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