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Sweet Barney has had the worst time recovering from his dog bites.   We did surgery to clean the area and closed it.  He was on heavy antibiotics to rid his body of the infection he had.   The damaged tendons and muscles continued to deteriorate.    He became unstable and was transferred back to ICU.   He developed a fever and started to go downhill quickly.  We knew his body was becoming septic but felt we had gotten him stable.  Sadly the skin around the large gaping wound we had closed became necrotic.


This morning Dr. Nanfelt got together with the ICU Team, and they decided poor Barney's leg had become the main source of infection and the chances of him being able to use the leg were less than 60%.  The chances of him losing his Life over the infection were going up, so we decided we had to remove his leg.  The big concern was that the skin Dr. Nanfelt once had to close the gaping wound was now necrotic.  We each decided it was better to get the leg off and do whatever we had to do to close the area.  If we had to do a skin graft, we would do it.


Barney's surgery was quite intricate.  Normally removing a leg would be a fairly simple procedure for a skilled surgeon.  Sadly, all the damage that had been done was above the normal cut area for amputating a limb.  Barney's front leg was removed, and Dr. Nanfelt repaired as much of the damaged tissue as possible.   She was able to pull together just enough tissue to close the surgical site.  We now have to wait and see how well the area heals.  If the area begins to swell and get tight, tiny cuts will be made to allow the area to expand and heal.


Barney is one of the sweetest pups that loves everyone.   We are each hopeful, the worst will be over for this adorable boy.   We are way behind on donations and updates because of our web site issues.  Any Donation would be greatly appreciated.

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