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Adorable Barney cannot get a break.  His infection keeps giving us different results, and we have to keep changing antibiotics.  Unfortunately, he has some very resistant bacteria growing, and the only antibiotics that will work are not the safest for his kidneys, so he has to remain in ICU and on fluids.  He also has to have daily bandage changes that require him to be sedated.


In so many ways, I feel like we are dealing with a mini version of what we had to go through with Freckles.  As of this morning, the edges at the corner of the incision have become necrotic and will have to be removed.  We have done everything humanly possible to prevent this from happening, but unfortunately, the tissue and infection had gone on way too long before we got dear Barney.  


All of this hardship could have been prevented if someone had taken Barney to a Vet and started him on antibiotics when the incident happened.  There is no excuse for the person that allowed this little dog to suffer as he has.   Barney is one of the sweetest most adorable little dogs you will ever meet.  He never complains and is always happy even when he is clearly miserable.  The other issue we are dealing with is it is getting harder and harder to put weight on him because of the meds.


The only good news I have is that the transfusion we gave him has allowed his body to remain stable.  Before this, he was very depressed and anemic.  If we can just get this infection under control and the skin flap healing, we will be making lots of progress.  For the moment, we have to continue the antibiotics and the daily bandage cleaning and debriding.   Barney needs all the prayers we can send his way.   His medical bills have gotten out of control, and we are not even close to being able to get him out of the hospital.


We have to continue doing what we can until we get to the other side of this nightmare.   Normally, with the best Specialists around, we see amazing results.  This time, it is taking a lot longer than we had anticipated.   Barney is getting round the clock care, so nothing is missed while he is in ICU. 

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