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Sweet Barney cannot get a break.  It seems like no matter what we do, he ends up back in ICU because of his infection.  Cultures are done each time we do a sedated cleaning of his wound site in the hospital.   His antibiotic is changed or remains the same based on the results.  This time his wound became so inflamed that the surgical site had to be surgically opened and a tie-back bandage placed over the large opening to allow the tissue to granulate and drain.


The problem we have been dealing with since the beginning has been keeping his body from becoming septic from the infection he has.    I cannot even imagine the pain he endured while waiting for his OWNERS to get him medical care.   Barney is the sweetest pup that has endured unimaginable suffering because of his lack of care.


During all of his surgeries and the removal of his leg, this sweet boy's bloodwork has consistently gone up and down.   He has not dipped so low that we had to do a transfusion until yesterday.   Without the transfusion, Barney would not be able to come out of this, so we agreed to allow them to do a transfusion to give him the best possible chance.   Barney's blood values have come up, but we are not sure at this time if the transfusion is enough to stabilize him.     His Spirits are a little better which is promising.


Our biggest problem is clearing the infection he has and still end up with enough viable tissue to close the wound and have it remain closed.   He will have to remain in ICU until the infection is completely gone and he is stable.   Barney has been dealing with this nightmare for over a month.  Every time we think we have a handle on the situation, something else happens.   We need for everyone to DONATE toward his Medical Care so we can begin to get a handle on his bills which are way out of control.  The problem with saving animals that are in such horrible shape is once you begin the process, you have to continue the care to get them well.  Taking them out of the hospital when they are not stable is a quick way to lose an animal.   


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE......Donate and if you can't, send to your Friends so they can help us with Barney's Medical.   Thanks for caring and doing all you can to help us, help dear Barney survive this horrible ordeal.

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