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Latest Updates

I am happy to report that sweet Bimka is doing incredibly.   He is showing us all that a warm home; plenty of  food and lots of love can inspire even an old dog with cancer to hang around a lot longer than expected.   Our dear boy is thriving with his Foster Family.   He large tumor has finally stopped draining and has not gotten any larger.    He gets up and goes outside to play with the rest of the dogs and cats like it is a routine he has enjoyed all his Life.  He is so sweet and loving that it breaks your heart that someone allowed his tumor to get this big.  It is now too large and invasive for us to even consider removing it.  He has adapted well to it being there and now has the strength to carry it around.  The problem with a massive tumor is that it is feeding off the animals nutrients to survive.  Bimka, which they are now calling Buddy, eats enough food for himself and the tumor.  So far, this seems to be working.    All we care about is that he has a good quality of Life at this stage in his Journey.   According to his Vets and Specialists, he is the happiest they have ever seen him.   To see our sweet boy trotting around like Bubbles used to do puts a smile on our face that lasts for days.   We know his time will eventually come but for now, he is on Cloud 9.   Life is good for dear Bimka.   He is finally Home.


I have posted several Videos on his web page for you to enjoy.  Please, watch our dear boy wag his tail in pure BLISS.

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